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  1. I'm excited about seeing more of Mrazek
  2. That was a beautiful goal....and just like that my hope is restored somewhat.
  3. Frazen pissed
  4. Omg....barf
  5. I think we are entering an era of pain and rebuilding. I agree with many of those that have posted before me.
  6. GDT

    Would be nice if Babcock would actually get a little pissed. He never looks like he gives a s***...
  7. GDT

    Okay, golf analogy. This is like one hole. So we bogied. Let's go onto the next hole and hit the green, right? (Trying to calm down) Meanwhile, I'll look for the boobs.
  8. GDT

    Look what the rules and sissy stuff did for NASCAR. Does anybody ever watch it anymore? Too much b*lls***....not enough hardcore racing.
  9. GDT

    I haven't ordered mine Starting to wonder if I should now!!! LMAO
  10. GDT

    Pretty much getting outplayed. What else is there to say? Why are we so unprepared? Is this the fault of the coaching, players or me, looks like everybody responsible at this point.
  11. GDT

    I was just wondering the same
  12. Watchin' Hockey!

  13. It's Hockeytown baby...what do you expect! :-) Even though we compete and hate each other during the season/playoffs....we all love hockey and share in the dream of Lord Stanley's Cup. I think more sports leaders should be humble like our captain, Lidstrom.
  14. I don't feel that bad...I think you'll see a lot of changes on the Wings after this! WAKE UP CALL!