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  1. You obviously FAILED to grasp this thread.
  2. THIS. Sharks will win 7-0 easily. Sharks Sharks Sharks!!!!
  3. To tell the truth, I can't watch current NHL. Too much clutching, interference. I'd love it to be 4 on 4, that would really open up the ice and you regularly see 10-8 type games. Scoring brings in the fans. These endless 1-0, 2-1, 3-2 games are just BORING.
  4. The fact that we won the Cup last year helps. Besides, there were too many injuries at the wrong time.
  5. PRESSURE ON!!!!!
  6. Win face off, get the puck in the slot, SHOOT AND SCORE!!!!
  7. DO YOU BELIEVE, I DO!!!!!
  8. No speed, no accuracy, no heart.
  9. This team is filled with gutless wonders.
  10. Anything less then a Cup is a disaster. Fire everyone and gut this team.
  11. Babcock is going to have to address the puck handling situation. Way too many turnovers in the defensive zone.
  12. Dats will save us.
  13. OMG that puck handling by the Wings is pathetic.
  14. What a horrible PP.
  15. Ok, this is a MUST convert PP. Do or die time guys.