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  1. 4/6 GDT: Red Wings 4 at Sabres 1

    Detroit is in playoff mode now... watch out! either that or the air in the locker room was saturated with ammonia salts.
  2. What does everyone think of Ballard's hit on Malkin?

    I think Ballard is my new personal hero. Anyone that rocks those smug penguin assholes has my love.
  3. 4/6 GDT: Red Wings 4 at Sabres 1

  4. 4/6 GDT: Red Wings 4 at Sabres 1

    Good job refs... how typical. Dripping blood and no call.
  5. Did anyone cap todays game?

    Thanks to NBC the game started at f'ing 10:30AM. yeah i wasn't even awake by then and totally missed it. Did anyone cap the game?
  6. Brad McCrimmon should be fired

    Yes! Make Chelios the defense coach. But not yet he's still got a few years left in him, I wish babs would play him more.
  7. 4/2 GDT: Blues 5 at Red Wings 4

  8. 4/2 GDT: Blues 5 at Red Wings 4

  9. Pff the only trophy that matters is the Stanley Cup.
  10. Pick 2 Players.

    Bob Probert, Stu Grimson, coached by Brad Mccrimon.
  11. Skating with Lidstrom was kid's Make-A-Wish

    My make-a-wish would be to fight downy or get blasted by kronwall or 1 on 1 with datsyuk. Kenny make it happen.
  12. What channel has the absolute worst hockey coverage/most annoying incompetant announcers and or anything else negative you can come up with. Also who has the best and why. Worst: 1. NBC - Pierre McGuire, nuff said, also it causes a FSN-Detroit blackout. 2. Versus - Like a cheap, lame attempt at copying ESPN, and it always causes my FSN-D to be blacked out. 3. FSN-Tennesee - Absolute s*** announcer 4. Any local affilate station that carries a red wings away game, and you happen to live in their area. Best: 1. Fox Detroit - Ken and Mickey, best announcers in all of TV, best overall and consistant broadcasts, you can expect the same quality and format game after game. 2. CBC - Great coverage and always competent announcers, its from canada, and a novelty to watch because its almost never shown in the us
  13. McCarty

    Chelios has been amazing in every game hes played lately. I dont get the hate.
  14. A quick google search will reveal the answer along with downloads of every game.
  15. 3/24 GDT: Red Wings 3 at Oilers 2

    :flash2: :flash2: :flash2: :flash2: