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  1. You are correct.This will be the pairings in the playoffs.
  2. Lidstrom would be a minus as well playing for the Kings.Think about it.
  3. your an idiot!
  4. We are 10 points clear in the west with 2 games in hand.Let's see how they react against Dallas before we all jump ship.They need a much improved effort Sunday or we willget killed by Dallas.Hopefully we can get healthy soon, and then we can see where we stand.
  5. There is no way you can let him walk.Whatever he wants!
  6. The forwards are not the problem.
  7. I agree, package him up with someone and try to get something!
  8. None of those players can help the wings get over the hump. As far as trade bait goes filppula should not be on the list.
  9. First time posting.I live in Vancouver but I am a huge Red Wing fan(10 years plus).I have been exposed to watching painful hockey from the Canucks for years.As far as Meech goes I think he has potential down the road,seems as though he could be a good puck moving defensemen.I think he has more potential than Quincey. Trade bait for a top six forward or top four defensemen would be Quincey, Samuallsen (sorry about the spelling), Drake, Ellis, Lebda, Lilja, Maltby. Any thoughts?