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  1. Best ever! Priceless pic of Babs!!
  2. Filppula, Kronwall & Franzen skate at practice

    He was on the ice for maybe 5 min, didnt even really push off hard on his bad leg. He just shot around a little
  3. Filppula, Kronwall & Franzen skate at practice

    I was at the practice today and Lilja was one of the first on the ice and participated in the whole practice with the team.
  4. SCF GAME 6 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Penguins 2

    Looks like the Penguins are going to get away with everything this game!
  5. Sykora's in the lineup tonight.

    This worries me a little, I think he's been a Wing killer in the past with Anaheim and the penguins. Hopefully tho, this doesn't make a difference, hes just always been one of those players who has always annoyed me.
  6. Barry on ESPN

    Im not surprised at all!! You think that was bad, did you see NHL on the FLY on the NHL Network? It was pretty bad and sum it all up one "expert" said the extra day off would actually hurt the Wings cause it would give them too much time off to think about it. Some of this is becoming a joke.
  7. Promise me this Wings Fans

    No I dont think so. To say what if and then say they lost fair and square and that the impact of not having one of the best defensive forwards in the game is just an excuse is ridiculous. If Pavel does not come back and the Wings end up losing the series, I would have to say it has everything to do with injuries. The impact that Pavel has more so this playoffs defensively is unmatched. Yes I know other players (esp Z) have stepped up, but true hockey people can not dismiss what Pavel truly does for this team at both ends of the ice. I have no problem being classy if they are defeated, but dont kid yourself in thinking that it was a true defeat. What would you say if Crosby or one of your best all around players was not playing and we defeated you?
  8. Game 7 last night - video replay

    Wow, what did Hiller hurt?!
  9. Game 7 last night - video replay

    Thanks for that replay, I've been looking for that. From where I was sitting I couldnt see what exactly happened, and I thought I saw Huds get pushed. For some reason they wouldnt show the replay on the big screen at the game.
  10. 2250 POST FOR A GAME 6 WIN

    Nice Ducks fan!!!
  11. 2250 POST FOR A GAME 6 WIN

    Love this pic!
  12. 2009 Round 2 Photoshop War: Anaheim Ducks

    Hossa looks like he's riding side saddle!! Hahaha!! Stupid I know but just something I nowticed.
  13. 2009 Round 2 Photoshop War: Anaheim Ducks

    Sweet thanks!! I think it looks great!!
  14. 2009 Round 2 Photoshop War: Anaheim Ducks

    Has anyone made the Wings crosshairs over the ducks logo yet? Sorry I'm pretty superstitious from last years playoffs, and I do not know how to make one myself, thanks!