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  1. Cern


  2. Probably the absolute last thing I should be doing after the clusterf*** that was tonight's game, but those curling threads are just too enticing.
  3. At least this picture makes me feel a little better at someone's expense. A little.
  4. Cern

    2010 Winter Olympics - Sweden vs Finland (Group C)

    Belatedly, what the f*** was he thinking with that hit?
  5. Well, Canada has proven to be embarrassingly inadequate at hockey, speed skating, bobsleigh, skiing, and not killing Georgians. BUT AT LEAST WE'RE IN THE LEAD FOR THE EVEN MORE BORING VERSION OF FIGURE SKATING, RIGHT?! Christ, March 1 can't come fast enough. These Games have been a complete failure for us.
  6. Funny that you of all people perfectly prove my point after all that whining about my statements hitting too close to home. You're a classless ****** and a sorry excuse for an American. You're more than welcome to look around for a point when I rubbed a victory in another person's face; until you do, I will forever remain a better human being than you ever will be. Go choke on a dick.
  7. Brodeur might as well have scored that second goal on himself, he was abysmal.
  8. My tax dollars went towards funding these pathetic performances, and they've transcended just hockey. I have every right to be pissed off by this. I should ask if I can get a refund if we don't get top 3 in the medal count.
  9. Note to Babcock - bench Brodeur permanently.
  10. Canada plays the last three minutes the way they should have played the preceding 57. Whoever said it was right, it IS like I'm watching the Wings.
  11. But the weather in the 88 games was terrible for the winter olympics. It was about 15 degrees C in Sochi today, btw. And that's typical for there, they have a Mediterranian climate. Vancouver's winters are usually much colder than what they have had this year.
  12. Goal. Probably too late anyway
  13. And yet here you are without a single foul word for cheap trash like Patrick Kane because they happen to be wearing your colours. You're already being a moronic ******, you don't need to be a laughably hypocritical one too.
  14. Everyone is playing well below their potential, take your pick. Frankly I'm just becoming progressively numb towards the Olympics in general. VANOC's Own The Podium bulls*** has already made a laughing stock out of this country, Canada falling short in hockey is starting to feel like the punchline to a two-week-long bad joke.