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  1. Red Wings' Injury Updates

    um, no... its because he is out best defenseman and we cant often afford to have him in the box for 5 minutes.
  2. Red Wings' Injury Updates

    sorry but how is it "unfair" that a fight he precipitated ends up getting him his clock cleaned? Lilja 'slipped" because Weber was beating the snot out of him... weber isnt dirty, and in fact doesnt fight much at all.
  3. Red Wings' Injury Updates

    just to clarify.. i dont think the Lilja/Weber fight was about Lilja 'sticking up for" anybody. Weber isnt our enforcer either. this was a spontaneous fight caused by Lilja grabbing Webers chin and pulling him down from behind, not because someone else needed responding to...
  4. Nashville isn't THAT bad...

    if you think we chant because we are bitter you are just not insightful enough to put any kind of thought ito it. The poster right above me has it exactly right. we arent bitter, its what we do to get "jacked up". we do it to everyone, including teams we have dominated for several years like C-bus and the Blues. It may be different than what you do, but its still just part of the experience. as for 'constantly being made fun of'...well, maybe on message boards, but not anywhere else...
  5. Nashville isn't THAT bad...

    I will repeat, we cheer our team on far, FAR more than we do the negative stuff. Our players have repeatedly commented on how the crowd fires them up and opposing players have commented on it as well.
  6. Did no one else watch the game last night?

    wow... a sample size of n=1 (at a football game no less) and you make a blanket judgement about the entire Nashville hockey fanbase. truth is, Nashville has a much larger percentage of our season ticket base that are "regular fans" not corporate tickets. That means that those tickets were purchased by people who know enough to want to attend (and pay to go to) forty one games a year. Yes the average Nashvillian on the street may not know bupkus about hockey, but on any given night in the arena, the majority of us do. And i myself have struck up conversations with many a Michigander in places away from the rink, and assuming they would know hockey started talking about the wings. I mostly get blank stares and "I dont follow hockey" so its not like every joe shmoe up there can explain the tag up rule either....
  7. Nashville isn't THAT bad...

    if you think we just are negative and dont cheer our team on in a positive fashion, you just obviously didnt pay attention to the playoffs last year. the towel waving ovations and drowning out the arena announcer during tv timeouts have become our hallmark. why cant you just enjoy the fact that we (along with everyone else) hate you BECAUSE YOU WIN SO DAMN MUCH We Preds fans know we will have finally "made it" when we beat you in the playoffs or win the central division. You should enjoy it and dread the day you ever get knocked off your perch.
  8. Did no one else watch the game last night?

    good lord get over yourselves already. yeah, we love beating the Wings more than any other team, but we do the chants at EVERY game against EVERY team, and we have been doing them snce year one. it pro sports. trash talk between opposing fans is just part of it, everywhere. And believe me the Red Wings fans are just as obnoxious leaving the Sommet when they win, if not moreso. Anyone who goes to a hockey game expecting to find "class" is an idiot. Im sure the Joe is just packed with disciples of Miss Manners and Emily Post</sarcasm> If you want class, attend the symphony, its right across the street from the hockey arena.
  9. 2/28 GDT: Red Wings 0 at Predators 8

    ok, just fyi, the programs are free, and I didnt notice any seat cushions....but it was still stupid... though no stupider than the idiot throwing the octopus after our 8th goal... enjoyed reading the GDT. not gonna gloat, I know it was a fluke. Doesnt mean I am not gonna savor it, though. I sure would LOVE another Preds-Wings playoff series this year.... now that this is over, please feel free to kick the s*** out of every other WC team the rest of the year. I really want 4 central teams in the playoffs so all the s*** about our division being weak can cease...
  10. What are the preds fans saying after a goal?

    there are several chants, but the one you probably are thinking about is the most compl;icated.. after our goal are announced over the PA, there is a 'growl' (as in the noise made by oursaber toothed tiger) for each goal we have thus far.. as each growl is heard, we chant, thats one, thats two, etc.. then "thank you Hasek, may we have another? he shoots, he scores, you suck..." say its *** if you want but its pretty cool that several thousand can get that long a chant together
  11. WQF Game 3 (4/14) GDT: Predators 5, Red Wings 3

    um, yeah... one non-call on a minor penalty totally squares all the crap that went against us in the first two games [/sarcasm]
  12. WQF Game 3 (4/14) GDT: Predators 5, Red Wings 3

    actually the preds had the 29 shots to 26 for the Wings. Preds played hard, and fed off the crowd.. but the Wings could have very easily still won the game.(If the one off the post that they reviewed while you were up 3-2 had gone in, I think you guys would have cruised...) Preds will need to play with intensity again and eliminate the stupid turnovers and crappy passing that led to the Draper and Datsuyk goals tonight.
  13. Round 1: Wings vs. Predators

    I'm not angry, I get it. and if I ever moved elsewhere i would wear Preds gear to the home barn... but that still makes the Michiganders now in TN carpetbaggers, by definition. some carpetbaggers are ok, especially the ones that buy tickets at the box office not from scalpers...
  14. Round 1: Wings vs. Predators

    Im telling you if toots doesnt go its most often because Trotz has told him not to. Trotz only turns toots and hordichuk loose in situations where it will help.. otherwise they are muzzled... much to our dismay.
  15. Round 1: Wings vs. Predators

    see its ****wads like you that ruin good hockey talk. The pedophile support thing is just stupid, and a whole lot of other venues play it as well. just be glad when your team sucked for year after year nobody decided to move or contract you..