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  1. A nice little experiment here...

    I always have to deal with a Flyers Fan too. When ever i talk to him he always says the wings had easy playoffs! We proved ourselves in the regular season (with a presidents trophy!) so we could have easier playoffs! Thats how it works!And now we are proving ourselves in the playoffs! However, my columbus fan friend will DVR the game for me if i miss it! Thats a friend!
  2. Samuelsson Doubtful for Game 4?

    "Samuelsson said there was no pain, and he’ll wait to have his teeth repaired after the Wings return to Detroit following Thursday’s Game 4." full article-
  3. Hat Tricks...what happens to the hats?

    Haha that reminds me of a Cheez-it commercial! Hilarious!
  4. 2008 Photoshop War: Red Wings vs. Avalanche

    This one is by far my favorite! Let it snow, heck give us an avalanche! Your not stopping the WINGS! Nice one Matt
  5. Wings-Avs Schedule Released

    What game vs will broadcast on Thursday the 24th? The Habs at 7 or the Wings at 730? I'm hoping to watch all of these games!