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  1. Hotel Alarm wakes up Penguins last night!

    Underhanded....but funny as hell! I'm sure that will happen to the Wings when they're in Pittsburgh.
  2. Ok..I haven't been through all 17 pages so I'm not sure if this one has been posted yet. If it hasn't been posted someone can work with this one. I'm not sure if you can photoshop an animated pic.
  3. Cool pic of Crosby

    Loved the first pic...the one from the Onion I was loving until the last....I agree with pgh...tasteless!
  4. Stanley Cup Final Wallpaper NOW AVAILABLE!

    I've been looking forward to this one as well! Have it on at home and work! Thanks Matt!
  5. Why I'm not scared at all

    We should have that in game 6.....
  6. Who's gonna press it?

    I hope they're pissed! We usually win games when we're pissed! GO WINGS.....WIN THIS IN GAME 6!
  7. Ice Condition for Monday and Wednesday?

    Both the Wings and the Stars are playing on the same ice....advantage/disadvantage to both teams equally. We'll be ok.
  8. Rumor: Franzen Out with Possible Blood Clot?

    Whatever the condition....get well soon Mule. We miss you but your health is more important!
  9. Ladies equivalent to playoff beard

    Red is such a beautiful color!
  10. Ribiero's swing at Ozzie

    Let's hope that cooler heads prevail....we don't need to be taking penalties. There's always next year!
  11. Ribiero's swing at Ozzie

    I stand corrected. I was listening to the interview on the radio while getting gas. Hit was the wrong word to use.
  12. Ribiero's swing at Ozzie

    Did you notice that the camera panned to McCarty after that hit? Lol...can't wait for Monday night!
  13. Ribiero's swing at Ozzie

    In an interview after the game Ozzie says that he did hit Riberio intentionally to stop him from going after one of our star players.
  14. Mitch Albom

    Here's what I just posted on there: Empty Seats At JLA? posted at 5/10/2008 1:28 AM EDT on freep.com dawings First post: 5/10/2008 Last post: 5/10/2008 Total posts: 1 Dear Mitch, I also hate to see all those wasted seats in JLA! Oh..if only I hadn't lost my job and I still have to pay all those pesky bills. And groceries? Well mostly I can purchase them every other week, so please don't feel too sorry for me. I have lost a few pounds but you know how fat us Michiganders are...we can stand to lose a few here and there! I do, however, have one request. I love the Red Wings and have for many, many years and I so would love to attend one of the playoffs games where there are so many empty seats. You see, due to the economy and the rising price of gas *you know I have to find a job sometime* I had to go to basic cable and I can't even watch a game on TV anymore. So here's my request...please go to your petty cash drawer and pull me out some money so I can sit my skinny butt in one of those seats at the JLA! Hugs and Kisses, A Broke Red Wings Fan
  15. Mitch Albom

    Go to the bottom of the article, where it says 'click here if you would like to comment on Mitch Alboms columns', become of member of freep.com and post your response. Even if ol' Mitchy doesn't read it you better believe one of his staff members will!