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  1. Ryan Suter agrees to 13-year, $98-mil deal with Wild

    My take on it all: Suter and Parise Are The Real Losers Here
  2. I know some of you have/had Wings related halloween costumes. Well, the Nightmare on Helm Street, a popular Wings blog, is running a Red Wings related Halloween costume contest. Essentially the best Wings costume wins free beer! Details are in the post linked above. Runs thru Thursday night, so get your entries in now! (Full disclosure, I'm a writer on that blog, so feel free to ask questions. Thought I'd get the word out to the diehard Wings fans here.)
  3. Yup, we've got a decent little blog going, was mentioned on FSD and Versus so far...check it out if you like.
  4. Doc, incredible job, do you have the Datsyuk in larger? (1366) Thanks so much!
  5. Here's an interesting article that details the goaltending equipment changes for next year. Looks like smaller pads are NOT on the horizon.
  6. Best Wings Blogs

    Smile once in a while, you'll make more friends.
  7. Lack of Scoring in Slot

  8. Best Wings Blogs

    Wow. Had to look at your profile to see if there was any information to explain your hate, but then I realized that you hate everyone. Here's every post of the first page of recent posts of yours... i don't see my self buying wings tickets for a while. this team is not worth paying to watch right now. wings ******* suck so in the last 3 home games: 1 goal scored against the stars backup goaltender 1 goal scored against the panthers backup goaltender shutout by a team ranking 21st in GAA not sure why anyone would pay to see this team right now. 5 goals in 5 games? (for some reason you quoted yourself in a thread, where you first said "this team sucks") - nailed it. (shooting down someone's idea for expansion) - this is almost as good as your idea of having hudler be our 2nd line center last year. time to step away from the keyboard, brah. glad i started rinne for my fantasy team tonight. i knew the wings were good for another 1 goal game. all the the world...won't change the fact...that..bertuzzi... ... ... sucks. (after people defended Bertuzzi) - bertuzzi defense force, assemble! (prior to the Wings starting an OT with Montreal, winning in a SO )8-0 vs 1-4 in OT LOL (back to bertuzzi) man, can't argue with that. hustle without the puck is definitely the key to putting up points on the first line. who cares if you fan on every pass coming your way "He is just awful with the puck." "He is just awful with the puck." think i found the problem guys! (speaking about Bert and Williams) - trade? i'd be happy to waive them both once franzen comes back. no one wants these anchors. bertuzzi is trash. need to get someone on that line that can at least get a one-timer off reliably. even if they fire it into the logo very time, it would still generate more offense than bertuzzi. the datsyuk+dogs*** line is god awful right now. i don't think i can take watching them together until fil is back. cue some posters going on about how well bert is playing (speaking about the wings) absolutely pathetic Wow, not one single positive comment. That's almost impressive, yet a little scary.
  9. Best Wings Blogs

    Because it is fun. And all in good fun, which makes it more fun when others think it is serious. Wow...just wow. Found on the site russian posted.
  10. Lack of Scoring in Slot

    Agree totally, that is kinda my point is that we aren't seeing any of those goals this year.
  11. Best Wings Blogs

    For pure info, noone beat Macleod' beat writer in Detroit. A2Y, well obviously it isn't for everyone, but I find it extremely creative. Fair enough. If anyone hasn't checked it out, do it.
  12. Best Wings Blogs

    Wow, I disagree, it is what got me into blogging, but fair enough. You have to realize everything has to be taken with a grain of salt there.
  13. Lack of Scoring in Slot

    Now for full disclosure, I posted an article on this last night. I was putting together a chart, which eventually became a joke, of where everyone was scoring. I noticed one thing, that we don't have anyone who scores in the slot anymore. Here's the chart. Seriously, who is a threat from the middle of the ice? Johan can score from there, but really, who else on the Wings? Last year, we had Hossa, Hudler and Sammy (yeah, damnit, I have to admit, I miss the ridiculous, random shots of his that went in...) who could snipe from that area. This year? All of the goals are either ridiculously pretty or Mike Recci ugly. I haven't seen too many skate down the Wing, cut to the middle and snipe goals from this squad. Now I do think that Williams has the potential to bring a little more of this type of scoring to the table, but Fancy Filppula isn't a shooter. It really makes me realize that maybe we shoulda gave a minimum contract to Shanny after all. This was his meal ticket for his entire career and could still pull it off last season. Just thinking out loud. Here's a link to the full article, including the ridiculous chart. Any thoughts?
  14. Best Wings Blogs

    Why? Because he's passionate? Because he knows how to ruffle feathers?