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  1. I'll be there...probably hit up Jack Astor's on Front pre-game.
  2. Article from yesterday's Toronto Star: Read the comments for a good laugh...
  3. Try Cobo Joe's for pre-game food and drinks. Make sure you really wipe your feet well on the welcome mat though...
  4. Just wondering if a lot of fans usually make the trip to Columbus when the Wings play there. I'll be there Sunday to see the game. Any recommendations on places to go before/after the game? Thanks.
  5. He is definitely still around. At a game last season I attended, the seats next to him were open so we moved down to sit next to him and chat. His real name is Kenny, and he's had season tickets since the Olympia. And he can pound his beer. My cheap ass even bought him one--he preferred Miller Lite to Molson. That's all I got.
  6. In the Windsor Star this morning, it said that it looks like the NHL will be lifting the $10,000 fine for Al swinging the octopus. Under the Drake article:
  7. Just wondering if anyone hit up Hockeytown Cafe to watch game 3, I was thinking of heading there for Thursday night's game. If so, how was it, how early did you have to get there to get a seat, etc.? Thanks in advance. Go Wings!
  8. And of course, Melrose picked the Avs. His reason was that Theodore is the hottest goalie in the playoffs. He may almost always pick against Detroit, but hey, at least they're talking hockey when I watch Sportscenter in the morning.