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  2. Just win, boys! Wish DeKeyser was in, but we will see if and when he comes back.
  3. Casey

    Walleye roster

    Suits me just fine, though the Griffins' goalie situation is pretty scary. Pearce simply isn't good enough to play at that level, and McCollum is borderline at best. As of now, McCollum is 24th in GAA, Pearce 40th. More worrisome than the numbers to me, though, is the attitude. Looking at the goalies I've seen, they all pretty much could shake off a goal against. We saw Hasek do it. We saw Osgood do it. Howard is a master. Legace, Conklin, not a problem. McCollum and Pearce, though? I'm honestly scared not for the first goal, but the second. Neither one can snap into form quickly enough- they rattle very easily. Mrazek can. I've seen it. Hopefully he's the Griffins' future, because the other two aren't.
  4. Casey

    Is little brother worthy?

    Respective directions? Detroit hasn't had a stable team in a month plus. Howard in/out. E out. Lids out. Mule out. Datsyuk out. Bertuzzi out. Eaves still out. MacDonald out. For a while, I would have put the injured lineup against a lot of teams- Eaves-Datsyuk-Bertuzzi, Lids-E, Howard. Can you seriously tell me that any team can withstand those losses and not struggle? I see three all-stars from this year. I'd argue we can't infer much of anything from March, simply because it's not the same team. Unless, that is, you think Smith, Mursak, Nyquist, Conklin and Kindl are representative of the day-to-day quality of the play.
  5. Casey

    Another jersey question (sorry)

    This is their mailing address, but I don't know if it's a storefront- 19051 Ecorse Road Allen Park, Michigan 48101. Could be a small shop that only works online.
  6. Casey

    Another jersey question (sorry)

    Arm, leg and a kidney, and the results are expensive and not that great. Try sportsk. Much cheaper, they sew everything, and better quality.
  7. Casey

    2/12 GDT : Flyers 3 at Red Wings 4

    So we were at #19 against the Ducks for a win, and #20 against the Flyers for a win. Who wants to send tickets for us to go to #21?
  8. Casey

    what should our 2013 winter classic jersey look like

    Those. The Winged Wheel from the glory days of Toronto-Detroit, paired off against their older spiky leaf.
  9. Casey

    What the F has gotten into these wings?

    Assuming you mean light heavyweight, in terms of weight class, E's past that. He's listed at 218#, which has him squarely in heavyweight. Cruiserweight is 175-199, light heavyweight is 169-174. Boxing pedant mode off.
  10. Casey

    Trade Deadline Approaches

    Still need to either get Conks back his 2009 mojo or do something there. Ideas?
  11. Casey

    Trade Deadline Approaches

    Consistent, sure, but he keeps missing games. A point-per-game guy isn't worth anything if they're on the bench.
  12. A scoring line, two D and a goalie? Goal- Dominik Hasek, 2001-02 season. Defense- Bobby Orr, 1970-1971 season. Defense- Nicklas Lidstrom, 2007-2008 season. Left Wing- Luc Robitaille, 1987-88 season. Center- Wayne Gretzky, 1984-1985 season. Right Wing- Gordie Howe, 1951-52 season. Bench: 1 forward, 1 defenseman, 1 goalie. Forward- Brett Hull, 1990-91 season. Defense- Doug Harvey, 1957-58 season. Goalie- Terry Sawchuk, 1951-52 season.
  13. Casey

    Cherry rips Holland

    Exactly who was theirs in 2008? Running from Downey? Won 7 of 10, but several in close decisions. Lilja? Three, all draws. Drake? Lost 3 of five. McCarty? Zero fighting majors.
  14. Casey

    Red Wings merchandise scam.

    How would they have known? It's not as if there is some published list out there. Looks like you may be SOL, though. The website is showing as account suspended.
  15. Casey

    Open Season on Ducks

    Why do people keep saying Detroit needs scoring? We're third in goals for. Third. Point percentage, fourth. Goals against, fifth. Sixth on the power play. Third in shots for, third fewest shots against. The only worrisome ones are faceoff percentage -ninth- and penalty kill, twentieth. Find a solid PK guy or 1B goalie, sure, but I fail to see the need to keep fixing an offense that simply isn't broken.
  16. Casey

    2012 Draft

    Amen, just to hear Budd Lynch and Mick try and pronounce it.
  17. Casey

    Red Wings merchandise scam. is superb for jerseys and the like. They're cheaper than the NHL, but stitch-for-stitch perfect. Authentic jersey, then the right lettering/numbering- they're great at it. I got my Helm jersey from there, Jenny got her Legace- both are excellent. The stock photo for the Chelios jersey doesn't even look right. Look at the numbers- the 2 simply isn't right, if mine is any indication.
  18. Casey

    Red Wings Jacket

    Perhaps this? Jacket.
  19. Casey

    Krys Barch.

    Wrong. Iran has executed 4000 people since 1979 for being homosexual, there is routine imprisonment for such in Saudi Arabia. Homosexuality is punishable by death in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Mauritania, Sudan, Yemen, Nigeria, Gambia and Somalia. Over 5000 died strictly for that "crime" in Nazi Germany. It's a word, sure, but handwaving and saying it doesn't mean anything is patently wrong.
  20. Casey

    Tomas Jurco

    Hard to get excited, but those are huge numbers. He's on pace for about 90 points in 60 games- that's enough to get me a bit excited about a prospect.
  21. Casey

    Ryan Sproul

    Looks like Sproul is going to be out a while. Broken jaw, needs surgery. He'd been having a great season, too- 26 points in 37 games, +17.
  22. I've a spare ticket to the GLI tomorrow- MSU and MI Tech at 4, UM and Boston College at 7:30. Anyone interested? Free ticket, just drop me a line. No sense in it going to waste.
  23. Casey

    Mike Milbury charged with assault

    Don't care how hard it was, it's NOT HIS KID. Even if shaking were a viable method of discipline- it's not- you don't touch someone else's kid. Enjoy your firing from VS, Lumpy.
  24. Casey

    Mike Commodore

    99th among defensemen in plus/minus when playing as a bottom-pairing defenseman is barely decent to you? Oh, and by the way, that's more points than Stuart or Ericsson despite having less ice time on average. That's also more points in 26 games than he had last year in 47. I'd say he's doing pretty damn well for his second full year. Who did you expect, Bobby Orr?