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  1. Question for RWNW at Sharks game

    The past two time we have gone to games at the SharkTank, we have noticed a very large and vocal group of Wings fans behind the net - Section 110 and 210-ish if I had to guess. I was curious if anyone knew if that was a local group of fans or a known spot wherer Wings fans tend to sit. We would like to get tickets for the January game near that crowd - maybe that way folks will stop giving my son the evil eye when he shouts "Lets Go Red Wings!!!"
  2. "Stars were tired in Game 1"

    For the record, it did not take me 10 years to convert to being a wings fan, it took me less than 10 games in the 97-98 season. And another thing, I'm never cranky - never ever. Not even now. Ya know, most husbands would be glad to have wives that are ravenous hockey fans and wouldn't sweat what team they cheered for. Now stop talking smack dear and hand me the remote - its game time! Mrs. Graybeard ps - my plates say WNGZNUT - nobody in California can figure out what it means.