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  1. bfarris

  2. Could I get the password as well? I need Ken & Mickey!

  3. Where can I order this?

    I purchased mine at the Joe before game 2 of the SCF, and the "Detroit" is present on the back. The mystery goes deeper...
  4. WQF Game 6 GDT: Red Wings 3, Predators 0

    First time poster here, long time reader. I know it's very late, however I could not stand reading these comments much longer without inputing my own opinion. Here's a little background for those who care: I'm from Northville, but I'm a student at the Universtity of Pennsylvania, studying material science and engineering. I'm a swimmer, yet have been going to wings games since I can remember (thank you dad!). Best times of my life, especially 1997. I was there when we won in 2002, and will be there when I get back (we'll have to make it round 3, game 5 before my finals are done). I like what we've got this year, especially after the heart we showed last year. Anyway, we all have our Jinx's, but I've realized the wings don't win a playoff game unless I'm drinking during it, so I'll be busting out the beer tomorrow. Game prediction: 4-1 wings with Franzen scoring two, Filppula with one, and Zetterberg with One. Let's get it done boys!