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  1. I was at the game tonight and I can verify that there were at LEAST 3 octopi thrown on the ice one during the shootout right after Datsyuk tied it, one at the end of regulation, and one after OT. I heard there were 4 didn't see it though.
  2. yeah I got the jersey a couple weeks ago and the quality is really good although I have nothing to compare it to. Not sure why he had it on sale (and still does for $35) Everything is stitched although there is no fight strap (not sure if international jerseys just don't have those, who knows) Even if they never wear the throwback it's still a sweet jersey for such a cheap price, I wore it around campus and got a few compliments. Not like anyone knows the difference around here If you want pictures I can send you some but they would look just like the ones on the website.
  3. "Jack" has these team USA jerseys but not a huge name selection I got a Kane from there for $35 on sale and that included shipping
  4. I just recently bought 5 more jerseys from Jack -Bruins Winter Classic Lucic -Campbell Conference Gretzky -Blank Team Canada (wanted to wait til they officially name the team) -Blue Islanders Tavares -Red CCM Flames Vintage Phaneuf (they've worn them a couple times this year) all of them were amazing, barely any flaws (nothing noticeable) Although the sizing on the Gretzky and Phaneuf were a little different but I really don't care since jerseys are supposed to be big. This is definitely the best batch I've gotten in terms of quality. Props to whomever started this thread, I now have a HUGE jersey collection (73 to be exact) and didn't pay very much at all. Yes I know they're fakes but no one will ever know since they look so good for 1/4 the price Speaking of that I bought a Griffins jersey at the last game I was at, replica reebok and everything was ironed/screen printed on. Had to have my mom sew it so it wouldn't peel off and that cost me $133.
  5. LET GO RED WINGS!!! I'll be at this game, please don't make me drive 2 1/2 hours home disappointed
  6. I'm Gonna be there!!!! Please Wings win and do it decisively so I don't have a heart attack at the Joe. LETS GO RED WINGS!!! BACK TO BACK!!! I'll go with the psychic and say 4-2 Wings although 5-1 would be SOOOOOO much better
  7. Jack's jerseys are $45 a piece via paypal and $40 via western union (that's if you buy 6 although sometimes he'll give you that deal with 3 or more) As for customs to Switzerland I have no idea. When he sent them to me in Michigan he wrote "gift" on the label so I didn't get hit with any extra charges. I believe the same thing for Canada so I would guess Switzerland would be the same. GO LUCK and GO WINGS!!!!!
  8. you mean Jack's website??? it's
  9. Depending on the seller they'll usually give you a discount for shipping if you buy a couple items. If you just message them and ask if they'd give you a discount on shipping if you ordered more than one item they'll usually do it for $45 or $50 a jersey (jersey+shipping). When I first ordered from them I got three jerseys and the seller gave them to me for $43 a piece.
  10. Usually the seller will contact you after in a message on dhgate and ask the size. If they don't do it within a day I would contact them and let them know.
  11. PS

    Thought I'd give it a shot
  12. voguestudio, they have the highest rating and their jerseys are good quality for a fake.
  13. ok last time I'll reply I swear All the jerseys that I have gotten it is really easy to take any of the numbers or lettering off. I got a Thornton sharks from dhgate and it was obvious the lettering was too small so I took it off and had my mom cut out the appropriate lettering and sew it on, now it looks like the $180 ones from (except better quality). Same with the red outline around the D on the winter classic jerseys, came off like a charm. You just gotta know someone who can sew it back on.