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  1. 11iscoming


  2. 11iscoming


    a 3-1 win in game 3 and a 1-2 OT-loss in game 4. marchenko with another powerplay goal in the win. the odds seem to be pretty bad now for defending the title...but it ain´t over till its over.
  3. 11iscoming


    krasnaja armia lost the second game too with a final of 3-5. marchenko had a goal, but was a minus 3 on the night. now they will head back home for the next two games and try to get a W. btw, opposed to the first 3 rounds of the playoffs being best of 5 series, the finals will be a best of 7. so nothing is lost just yet.
  4. 11iscoming


    first game of the finals today. krasnaja armia lost 2-5 to omsk. no points for marchenko. i guess krasnaja is the underdog in the finals as omsk finished 1st in the 32 teams league during the reg season while krasnaja only came in as 10th. previous playoff-opponents reg season place 1st round: 11th 2nd round: 2nd 3rd round: 7th
  5. 11iscoming


    the junior team of cska (krasnaja armia) has won the west finals 3-1 and will play in the finals for the charlamow-cup again and try to repeat as champions. marchenko has kept a hot hand. his updated stats: 14gp 2g 14a +8 BTW, marchenko plays alongside no.9 (NIKOLAY PROKHORKIN) and no.20 (NIKITA GUSEV) of the final european skaters draft ranking. GUSEV leads all scorers with 14g+16a in 14 playoff games. marchenko is currently 3rd overall in the scoring race. again, these are just stats, but at least they are promising.
  6. 11iscoming


    Little update on him: after missing most of the season because of a knee injury he came back for the last few reg season games and the playoffs for cska in the khl, which ended quickly, his stats: reg season 6gp 0g 0a -4 toi 12:47 playoffs 5gp 0g 1a -1 toi 17:24 as the season for the big team ended he joined their junior team, with which he won the junior title last year and until now they are on a pretty good way again, leading 2:0 in the western conference finals in a best of five series, meaning they have already won two series so far (both 3:2). his stats: for comparison first his playoffs stats from last year: 15gp 3g 8a +11 this year so far: 12gp 2g 10a +8 (with one of his goals being the ot-game-winner in game 5 of the semi series) so at least if you look at the stats and results, it seems he has rebounded pretty well from that injury. hope he keeps up this trend next season. and he is already wearing the right number: 5
  7. 11iscoming

    youth movement in grand rapids

    the griffins recently got some youth infusion in getting recent redwings prospects almqvist, nedomlel, sproul and quine. according to the griffins page they will all be available for the upcoming games this weekend. not exactly the pace the wings usually take with their prospects as sproul, nedomlel and quine are all 2011 draft picks. looking forward what almqvist can do in north america. anyway, lets hope it helps to get the griffins into the playoffs.
  8. 11iscoming

    Awesome game by Zetterberg...three assists...

    if they don´t correct it on their own, the detroit media should make them aware of their mistake. it was so obvious that hank has to get that primary assist....how they recognized white touched the puck but leave hank out of the scoreboard is beyond me. there are guys that get paid for keeping track of the stats and nothing else and they don´t get their job done.
  9. 11iscoming

    Tomas Jurco

    if you go to the IIHF Site and check the rosters for the WJC in Canada it looks like he is not on the Slovak roster. seems pretty strange considering his play so far this season. it seems that some of the wings prospects that were supposed to be on their national teams for this tournament are missing. as of now there are only mrazek, bäckman, marchenko and pulkkinen listed. no wing prospect for canada or the us.
  10. 11iscoming

    Backup Goalie?

    ozzy was convinced to retire....snow realizes that it makes no sense to have a goalie under contract when he prefers to sit around in russia or where ever instead of playing for his team....so he trades him to the wings for anything, because anything is better than nothing.... pure fantasy....but i would like it to come true...guess the wings could live with that pretty well
  11. 11iscoming

    Adam Almquist

    he has not exactly torn apart the league scoring wise, like he did in last years playoffs or in the juniors, but he has played in 43 games so far and has scored 16 points (all helpers) while playing on the second pair. most impressive may be the fact that he is leading the entire SEL in +/- with a +18 rating as an not even 20 year old. it may help that he is playing with the defending champs, but he also seems to be a big factor that they are as succesful as they are.
  12. 11iscoming

    please chicago win the stanley cup

    as a wings fan it is not so much about who wins the cup as who wins it not. i just don´t want to see (ever) pat kane lift the cup, even if it means pronger wins another one. actually he (pronger) has really impressed me with his play so far in this playoffs and he didn´t even pull the crap he is "famous" for (at least i can´t remember anything from this year). so, please flyers win the cup, and after that is accomplished.... GO WINGS for No. 12 !!!
  13. 11iscoming

    Andrej Nestrasil

    i don´t want to repeat myself, but his production droped off because he was demoted from top line duties to 3rd line duties. its hard to collect a point per game or more, when you don´t get the ice time. midway thru the season victoriaville management traded for half an allstar team and so he got demoted. btw he has 15 fewer games because he was underway with his national team during parts of december and january for the u18 worlds. maybe we should wait to judge him, until he gets top line ice-time. i heard there were rumors he would be traded to another team in the offseason.
  14. 11iscoming

    Andrej Nestrasil

    poor season is relative.....in midseason his team traded for a lot of stars to win the championship, thus his ice time was taken away and he couldn´t continue his good start to the season, pointwise.
  15. 11iscoming

    Jan Mursak/ Merged

    Slovenia earned promotion to the 2011 IIHF World Championship in Slovakia with winning all 5 games at the Division 1B Championship and Jan finished tied 4th in tournament scoring with 5 goals and 2 assists. they had an interview with him before the final and deciding game. =3043&cHash=845c31ba63"]Mursak interview