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  1. Just a heads-up to everyone, you can watch the game free at today if you are out of the regional broadcast area.
  2. Here's a link to a bunch of pictures that I took during the 2008 Stanley Cup Finals.
  3. This is all I think of when I think of Gary Thorne. It gives me chills to this day. Who knew we would be so fortunate, so often after '97?
  4. Don't bother. He will never argue with facts. He ignores them until people are done talking about them then takes a jab at someone/something else. I ask him direct questions over and over and he ignores them. He can't argue his point. He can only throw stones. Like I said earlier, just make something up and use hyperbole. This is more like it: The Penguins are Ku Klux Klan sympathizers.
  5. Actually, Zetterberg and Frazen are tied with Malkin and Crosby. But isn't that what you would expect? I can appreciate that the Pens are a talented, hard-working team.
  6. Of course they are.. They are playing against a team that dominates defensively at even strength and is the least penalized team in the playoffs. That being said, they are still the highest scoring duo through the first five games of the Finals.
  7. You are doing it wrong. Don't use facts; they are too easy to ignore. Just call people names that are based on nothing more than skewed opinion. Like this: Crosby is a communist.
  8. Malkin in the leading scorer in the Finals. I like Malkin. If he could channel his emotions and use them to elevate his game, he could be nearly unstoppable.
  9. I haven't said a single word about Crosby. Not one. You can try to mangle my words to make your point, but take the regular season goals out of the equation and look at the list: 1st on team with 20 playoff takeaways 3rd on team with 53 playoff hits 4th on team with 6 playoff goals T4th on team with 15 playoff points Explain to me how that is not contributing at a high level. Or, instead of defending what you say, you can just try to skew what *I* am saying.
  10. Regarding the ridiculous "welfare" comments that litter this inane thread, here are the facts. Hossa: 1st on team with 40 regular season goals 1st on team with 20 playoff takeaways 3rd on team with 53 playoff hits 4th on team with 6 playoff goals T4th on team with 15 playoff points That sounds like a player that is contributing at a high level on a team filled with stars, as opposed to someone that is sitting on the bench and coasting to a championship. You can keep using your hilarious "welfare" and "socialism" digs. Just understand that when you say it you are incorrect.
  11. Decadent.
  12. I ordered my Lidstrom Reebok Edge from them last year after the Finals. They were awesome. Best price. Fantastic job on the customization. Just like others have said, I would highly recommend them.
  13. Don't bother. The guy is obviously still butthurt about: Losing the '08 Stanley Cup Finals to the Red Wings Losing Hossa to the Red Wings Being down 2-0 in the '09 Stanley Cup Finals to the Red Wings He avoided every direct question I sent him in his ridiculous thread yesterday that was ultimately deleted. All he does is make snide remarks and takes jabs, then ducks under his bridge.