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  1. Thank you, Matt

    :clap: Matt: I also would like to pass on a thank you also, I have enjoyed the site and you have provided a top notch site for all of us to come to and express our thoughts about our beloved team ... Congrats To Wings Nation One and all ....woooohoooooo cya , WunderfulWorldOfOzzie
  2. Cheli in for game 6?

    :thumbup: Yes i agree chelios in for tonight ...Nothing can be veteran experience and lets face it the amount ogf bad clearing attempts and give aways the last game and before ...Its only a matter of time we will be talking about game 7 . The youngins have served there purpose yes but chelios would come in handy clearing the trash in front of ozzie and there would be less BS after the whistle is blown like there has been . Chelios has been there and wont crack under pressure and can provide the ever so valuable shot block, cause i highly doubt we need zetters doing that like i witnessed in the game the other night , i found that rather frightining but also shows what a hell of a player he is just the same ... Every little bit of advantage in this time would help so yes to chelios in .... Lets Go Wings ..... WunderfulWorldOFOzzie
  3. Getting a little nervous, Detroit fans?

    :lol: :lol: Oh my thats about as priceless as Malkin being tired ... Crushing loss ...Nah you wanna talk that way see our playoff series against the Avs....Then ask that question ... Nervous....hmmm Nope Go Wings Go .... WunderfulWorldOFOzzie
  4. Dear Franzen

    <_< I must say the result of last nights game wasnt quite what i wanted . And i will be the first to say it does seem really easy to sit and arm chair coach a team of this calibre, like so many have up to this point...That being that i sure as hell cant ....But i must say God damn .... There is a few things that the blame could be placed on i for one am noticing the in ability of not passing the puck in key one timer situations ...There were several times in the third period where we could have been up a goal or two if there were a few passes thrown around. Next there cant be anything wrong with re inserting Chelios back there where he belongs ..Is he ready ...whats the word ...Did anyone else seem to notice that we played almost nervous as we did when we played ottawa during the REGULAR season the game we should have won. At that note, there were many things that went on called and of course things that were let go how about when someone slashed zetters stick and broke it , slashing penalty .....nope The lack lustre so called goalie interference penalties ....pffffft ....But that being said with the experience people and knowledge that our guys have Maltby , draper , etc i must say we can control what happens...Im sure now we wil have that chip in the shoulder now going into this game 6 ...But this seems just like the year we went down 2 games to nothing and dug ourselves out ...We can do it again As a team not as individuals ...That being said enough with its ozzies fault ...He can only be as good as the guys in front of him ...Up till last night he was looking pretty darn good... And still remains too , i think though that there needs to be a change in Defense with chelios back in for his ability to clear the garbage from out in front of the net to prevent the after the whistle shenigans and much needed shot blocks ... In closing i am A proud Candian Detroit Red Wings Fan ...Those who are going to jump off the wagon because of someones screw up so be it ...But come on folks we can still do this ... Just In my opinion remember... LETs GO WINGS :clap: WunderfulWorldOFOzzie
  5. It's Cheli Time!

    <_< <_< I also say put chelios in the line up and sit whom ever , just for the simple reason of all the extra bull crap that crapsburgh after the whistle is blowing ...I mean they run into osgood and so on and so on .... Well and IMO he gets down for shot blocking where most wont he will which can be vital from a one goal lead to tieing up the game ... but those are just my thoughts , WunderfulWorldOFOzzie
  6. Tonight's Officials

    <_< <_< Just posted my predictions and i seen this: Dan O'Halloran so im just in what i wrote then for sure ....I wrote in my prediction we would more than likely get a goal called back.... WunderfulWorldOFOzzie
  7. SCF Game 3 GDT: Penguins 3, Red Wings 2

    :thumbup: I Would like to see a 3 - 0 ..More like 4 - 0 I say that because i imagine that one goal should get called back more than likely...via that conspirecy (spelling) theory ... I will say Franzen and Dats and Zetterburg (sh) Ozzie Will prevail and they might get there chance to see there buddy conklin in net .... As one commentator mention on Fleury's play in net as of late and i quote..."He isnt playing net, more like playing poker... Lets Go Wings .... :siren: WunderfulWorldOFOzzie
  8. Pavel Datsyuk is gong to be HUGE tonight...

    :thumbup: I think Dats will show them how its done on the road tonight and Zetters also and the mule should get fed tonight. Cause you know hes hungry.... Lets GO Wings .... WunderfulWorldOFOzzie
  9. 2008 Stanley Cup Final Photoshop War: Pittsburgh Penguins

    :clap: Excellent work ...well done WunderfulWorldOFOzzie
  10. Another Fluery entrance

    Am wondering if that entrance last night made youtube? Besides not to mention every sports highlight reel last night.... WunderfulWorldOFOzzie
  11. Poll: What Should We Worry About?

    Yes i would have to agree with scoring from other players, besides Zetters and Dats , because im quite sure they will try to isolate them ..That being said scoring from Cleary and others to take pressure off our top sticks . Any word on if Franzen is gonna play ...? At any rate im sure our puck possession game and experience will take us the distance. GO WINGS ...
  12. Finally Some Credit

    :rolleyes: I have realized that after much reading of most comentators have no respect for our accomplishments this far and in the near so future... I am a dedicated viewer of this show its on in canada here is the link:http://www.hardcoresportsradio.com/ The show is Game on these guys tell it how they see it and dont beat around the bush ...If you see stuff in games chances are they do also and review not just hockey but everything in between such as UFC , basketball, foootball etc ... I personally believe its worth the watch and oh yeah they toss in the occassional "F" bomb but the censor catches those ... just a thought of insight.... WunderWorldOFOzzie
  13. WCF Game 1 GDT: Red Wings 4, Stars 1

    :siren: :siren: Wow, Its finally game day at last it seemed like forever.....Well like it has been mentioned about what happened in the season doesnt mean anything i hate to think what this game must mean to Turco then .....0 and forever at the Joe Louis arena ...No pressure Marty none what so ever ... <_< Anyways, I know with our puck possession and passing game i believe someone already mentioned that they will be so busy trying to hit the wings our passing and puck possession game will be dallas short fall ... I believe that Dats and Zetters will be a proven comodity to us like always and lets not forget that The mule cant Go hungry he also be on the score sheet ..... That being said with the experience and the team we have i say Wings In 5 and for tonights game Wings 4 - 1 (Dats, Zetters, Franzenstein,lidstrom) Lets GO Ozzie And Wings .... Make Hockeytown proud .... :thumbup:
  14. Pang: Avs in 6

    Maybe some other people from canada might read this and know what i an referring to but on the Tsn they have it every year the so called panel do there playoff picks ...I do in fact remember that they did call the avs i believe and one out of the panel called the wings saying it would be a close played series ...Wow what a call there... Anyways then they put each series on a wheel and a monkey , yes a monkey spins it to makes it picks and every time the monkey picked us we won last season . And has picked us the two series to win actually its been a relief considering listening to them say how older and slower we are suppose to be ...hmmm I know in my heart the capabilities our team has and dont need a monkey to make my picks but when they tell us colorado were deeper in depth and in goal tending i say the monkey made a monkey out of that comment ....
  15. Out of town wings fans!

    Wow , i guess living here in Canada well in between toronto and Ottawa i have had my share of those type of fans. The sense is here why not chear for a canadian team but the Wings have always been my team . At that rate I have had statistical rants with toronto fans , Avs fans and so on and so on ...I answer generally in kind like for instance for toronto leafs fans.."you have to ask are you gonna see a cup before the world ends" Then you have to remind them how many times we beat them giving its every couple of years because of the nhl schedule ... Ottawa game i went to wasnt bad, they didnt have much to say because There was a split in fan base that night i went half sens fans and half Wings fans .Of course that was before Stevie Retired and got some overtime that night also .Of course the Wings won 3 - 2 . In closing you just gotta mention what team records are they usually trying to chase and break oh the stats especially last night wow Franzen simply awesome ...Keep up the great work WINGS ....!!!