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  1. Red and White for life, believe!
  2. Red and White for life! Go Wings!!
  3. PS My first one here, ever, i think.. Couldn't get it imbedded though but here's the link..
  4. Yeah, i'm pretty sure of that! IHANAA LEIJONAT IHANAA!
  5. That was actually pretty sad Yet funny
  6. I'm happy, we beat the swedes, that made my day !
  7. :chug: :beerbuddy:
  8. Amen
  10. Tell me about it, yeah... Off to drink = nollaan tää päivä pois muistista..
  11. PS

    I made another one but it sucks, need to do more photoshopping to learn it better but anyways, he's coming back, soon. Be ready Turco....
  12. not bad at all, not bad at all!
  13. Darn, wouldn't believe it if I wouldn't be witnessing this with my very own eyes.
  14. PS

    ooh! Thanks for the inspiration!