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  1. Should we lose game 6....

    Ozzie put Hasek's career to bed in the third period. It would take an act of god to get Hasek in now, meaning the Wings down 3 games in the finals, or an Ozz injury. Nobody wants to see either of those.
  2. WCF Game 6 GDT: Red Wings 4, Stars 1

    bahahahaha, oh my god. Turco Patty Roy's it. Priceless.
  3. WCF Game 6 GDT: Red Wings 4, Stars 1

    lol, Draper scores with his face.
  4. WCF Game 5 GDT: Stars 2, Red Wings 1

    It's hard to argue against us being a one-line-team right now. Dats and Zetterberg had to play so much in the last ten minutes, it's no wonder even they couldn't generate anything. Hopefully Franzen returns for game 6 and the rest of the team gets a lift from it.
  5. Cheli, it may be time my friend

    His mistake helped cause the game winner today... He needs to pick it up. Going off like that is a rookie mistake, something a 20+ year veteran should never have happen.
  6. WCF Game 5 GDT: Stars 2, Red Wings 1

    lol, that's gonna get us a goal. Take cheli out. better solution.
  7. What If.....

    I dont know about years past... ...but Oz would be sitting pretty this year in Vezina consideration, with 50 or more wins had he played all year
  8. Conn Smythe Candidates

    Let's just say.. hypothetically.. we win the next five straight. Have to give it to Ozzy, the 14-0 goaltender In reality though it's way too close to judge. We'll have to wait and see who shines in the finals. Right now we have 5 or so players now that could arguably win it
  9. NHL tests prototype goalie gear sizing Giggy is screwed! They're testing chest and pants changes soon too