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  1. Sad to see him go but this was expected. Now if the Wings can just land Stamkos . . . .
  2. Had to stop in to this topic to laugh . . . . . lol . . . . . HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
  3. I'm fine with Versus/NBC. I find myself watching ESPN less and less every year. When I want hockey highlights I go to the NHL network, likewise for the NFL. With the different leagues having their own channels ESPN becomes less relevant all the time. Congrats to the NHL for getting a more lucrative TV deal.
  4. I miss both Yzerman and Lapointe. I was disappointed when Lapointe was lured away for a large contract.
  5. I agree with the majority on this one. Z will be the next captain and deserves it. However if they gave it to Datsyuk I wouldn't be upset. But again I think Z is a lock for our next captain.
  6. Feeling pretty good about this years team. I say we have as good a chance as any team at this point and time.