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  1. Fan of fighting in hockey?

    Thought you guys might like to see this--Osgood fighting Roy. And Osgood scoring a goal: Good luck in the Finals!
  2. WCF Game 6 GDT: Red Wings 4, Stars 1

    Well, Dallas simply got out-played pretty effectively in 4 games out of 6...and that is all it takes. We (Dallas) had some rookies who were able to step it up and play their hearts out to get us 2 games and keep us in, and our vets got another chance to prove they can still play, but when it comes down to the end, Detroit just had us--they had energy, but poise; just the right amount of physicality added to a clean, technical game. Impressive, Detroit, Impressive. Now the hard part: who to cheer for in the Finals. I'm a die-hard Stars fan, so it kind of hurts to think of cheering for Detroit, but they have such a solid, solid team! And, I haven't been following the Pens much this season, so I don't know that I'm familiar enough with their play to claim them for the final series. I realize I'm not exactly in the right place for an unbiased comparison, but can anyone give me a goalie-defense-offensive breakdown of the teams. Well, here it is: Go Detroit! *cringe
  3. Dallas Columnist: Turco Better than Osgood

    Turco is a GREAT goalie for many reasons. The Stars seem to have something for building power in the net. However, I have to agree that that writer was pretty rediculous. And that column was in no way good writing. It's hard to win a cup simply with luck. And even harder to do it multiple times. Osgood is also great and works very well with his does Turco with the Stars. Truth is, if there were as clear a victor as the writer claimed, this series would have been over a long time ago. I for one, am hoping to see Dallas go on to the Finals--I've been a fan since I was 14. But I have to admit, other than Dallas, Detroit is one team I'd love to see battling for the cup! Look for me in the nosebleeds on Monday!
  4. Poll: Pick a Positive Change know glowpuck rules... And the speed-tail! I miss the good 'ol days
  5. Fighting poll

    EXACTLY! I'd hate to see hockey become like all the other 'high-scoring', mind-numbing sports.
  6. Fighting, Keep it or leave it?

    Haha...nice! I wish I had done a paper like that! I'd really love to read it when you're done ( (And for the record, I love editing if you haven't turned it in yet, send it at me!) And, of course, I totally agree--KEEP IT. I remember the first game I went to (yes, I'm a Dallas Stars fan). I was about 13, and 10 minutes into the game I remember saying, "Is this hockey or boxing?" I loved it! There's not a whole lot a fist can do that a 90mph puck, stick, or 200 pound guy cannot. So, if the argument is safety, I don't buy it. And, as far as the fans, I don't think fighting is offending any hockey fans. Taking fighting away would only further propel hockey into the mainstream sports category--see also rink dimension changes/goalie pad changes/etc meant to increase scoring. Hockey fans love the sport because it is unique...we don't want it diluted and football-ized.
  7. 2008 Photoshop War: Red Wings vs. Stars

    Thanks, genius, but I just joined the forum. I actually made the 'menu' more than a week ago. And I probably would have found the forum and joined earlier...except I actually traveled 10 hours in one day to go to the game. And, for the record, 3 games don't a series make either.