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  1. they don't let you save those anymore.
  2. nobody wanted him for a pick?
  3. haha. 640 makes me think of home.
  4. online feeds!
  5. i'd say pav and hank are equally good.
  6. i'd like to see lilja win it on a breakaway, pulling the 'datsyuk' in game 7 of the cup finals. original six match up would be excellent.
  7. THE REBUILDING BEGINS!!!!1111111111111111111etc.
  8. right. just figured i should clarify my previous post through your response. wahoo. edit: punctuation
  9. *ahem* i didn't mean he could put up crosby numbers, but ones better than he has the past few seasons.
  10. i'm sure pav could put up even better numbers, but the fact is, we play a team game.
  11. ZING!!! haha.
  12. it's using the shock factor to draw people in (what!! stevie's back!?). it's an alumni game.
  13. haha. that's why i'm waiting for a long-term deal to get done before i throw out that kind of cash.
  14. y'know, i still don't really see the reasoning behind splitting pav and hank up. remember that insane play between them against colorado in semis, where they passed back and forth until hank circled behind the net and tapped the puck in off pav's pass? let fil, franzen and hossa manage the second line.