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  1. Sargeslide

    I love Hockey Fans.

    What a great post! Man he nailed us all. The Roony bit was perfect. Welcome to the boards
  2. Sargeslide

    Gonchar Believes Wings Lucky

    Great teams make thier own luck. They keep working, they keep digging, and work through rough times, until momentum swings thier way Hell Yes thier lucky, by thier owe doing! Sargeslide
  3. Sargeslide

    Tomas Holmstrom

    How many years as Homer been taking abuse and playing hard for the Wings? How many times is his name on the cup? How many times have the leauge tweeked the rules in front of the net becuase of him? Yeah, after all that he has done, he can be a little slower. But other teams still respect his abilities, and plan for him. The Demoltion Man still belongs in Detroit and I hope he retires as a Wing, he has earned it! He is one of US, a hardworking, gritty guy that busts his butt to do his job! Sargeslide
  4. Sargeslide

    The Next Letter Wearing Red Wing

    Cleary is worth an A
  5. Sargeslide

    Does This Feel Different?

    Yah know, I love my Wings and I think they will pull this off, but not without a good fight from Pittsburg. I know everyone is talking depth and Pitts lack of it, but you never know what will happen until games are actually played. They may be in the East, may only have two stars, but they are a contender, they beat everyone else. They have a far better coach then last year, and the kids have some time under thier belts, I think we may see more than we thought. I still think it's Wings in six, but a tough six. Plus I always get worried when everyone is so over confident GO WINGS