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  1. 2010 Team USA Roster?

    Sounds good to me. It will be interesting to see how DiPietro bounces back after missing pretty much all of last season. I bet the Islanders are regretting that life time contract now.
  2. 2010 Team USA Roster?

    Tim Thomas is probably going to win the vezina this year so not only will it probably be Tim Thomas over your third goalie but more than likely he will be starting over the injury prone dipietro
  3. Danny Heatley anyone?

    It wouldn't be possible to pick up Heatley without destroying our depth especially with the salary cap going down in the next few years. The only way Holmstrom is gone is if he is retiring. Ken Holland is too loyal to his veteran players to trade him away after being here for so long.
  4. Leave Brad Staurt alone

    Brad Stuart wasn't the only reason the Wings lost but both of the Penguins goals were direct results of horrible plays by Stuart. In my opinion he was the worst player on the ice last night.
  5. UFA's

    Robert Lang is lazy and he sucks!!! He certainly did score some clutch goals for us though.
  6. UFA's

    Unfortunately that probably won't happen since he has a no trade clause.
  7. UFA's

    If I'm not mistaken the Wings will have about 5 million in cap space before we resign anybody.
  8. USA Today article

    I know what you mean. I'm normally a nervous wreck before big games like this but for some reason I'm not worried at all. That will probably change once the puck drops though.
  9. TSN bashing the officiating

    It's in the videos on TSN. There is a link somewhere on the first page.
  10. The Legend of Z

    Malkin's face has me thinking only one thing: Sloth from the Goonies
  11. What does Max Talbot have in common with Brian Campbell?

    If you don't like this board how about you go back to the penguins boards with all the other bandwagon fans who didn't start watching hockey until last may.
  12. Ciccarelli/Bowman Feud?

    Are you sure you're not thinking of Paul Coffey scoring on his own net in the 1996 conference finals against the Avelanche?
  13. On behalf of most if not all Flyers fans....

    What are your thoughts on how this series will go? It is always nice to get an outside perspective on things.
  14. Greetings from Pittsburgh

    The West has owned the east in regular season interconference play at least since the lockout and possibly longer but none of that should matter because if I'm not mistaken both the Wings and pens were above .500 against the opposing conference this season plus the playoffs are completely different than the regular season.
  15. Greetings from Pittsburgh

    Yeah Jonas Hiller sure does suck with that horrible .943sv% this playoffs.