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  1. Awesome! :rotflmao:
  2. YES!!!!.... :carrot:
  3. That would be sweet!
  4. Yeah. That's scary stuff.I hope he's okay.It always reminds me of the night Fish went down.
  5. LOVE IT !
  6. THANK YOU. I thought maybe I was being a little sensitive.I cannot wait for it to be gone.
  7. Thank you everyone.This is my favorite place to be and I cant wait till next season.
  8. Thats My Baby!!!
  9. Thats great. If you did not pay attention to who wrote it you would think it was a Detroit reporter.
  10. They made up for the last game BIG TIME. Nice job guys.
  11. I think he wants someone to beat their panki !
  12. WHAT ?
  13. In order for Babcock to say anything a slight bit negative about anyone means that something is very wrong, Because he doesn't do that EVER.