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  1. Figures there's no post-game interview.
  3. Bring back Gary Thorne and Bill Clement!
  4. Wow. I cannot believe they called that. That was an absolutely abysmal call.
  5. <3 Ovie
  6. Oh, c'mon. He was given his letters because of who he was and the hype he got, not due to leadership. He was given the "A" halfway through his rookie campaign. That should never happen. He probably would've gotten the C as a rookie if not for MARIO F'N LEMIEUX already having it.
  7. Couldn't agree more. Promote Pavel Datsyuk. Show his moves...he HAS them. Stop showing Crosby's "amazing goals", 99% of which are tip-ins from the side of the crease. He isn't exciting and he has no moves. And comparing him to Gretzky is an absolute travesty and it helps to show how much disrespect/ignorance NBC has for hockey. And having one player as a "savior" will never help a league. That's an obvious statement. You're not promoting HOCKEY, you're promoting CROSBY. Pretty much every non-hockey fan wants to see goals. Pretty goals. Show Kovalchuk, Ovechkin, Heatley, Kessel, Sedins...I don't think I've ever seen Crosby with a goal that made me go "Wow." Hey man, those things are pointy.
  8. It's not necessarily Crosby that's wrong with the NHL (I'll agree some of the stuff he does we could do without...the over-exaggerated dives and the punches to the back of the ass namely), but what's wrong is the absurd amount of hype the NHL, Versus, and NBC give. You can't watch ANY hockey game on NBC/Versus without hearing what Sidney Crosby is up to, what magazines he has in his bathroom, what he ate for breakfast, what his farts smell like, etc. Remember during the European openers? I watched one of the Panthers/Hawks games and during the first two intermissions, they showed different Sidney Crosby interviews. Let's also not forget the NBC Crosbycams. And all the times they show him on the bench. And all the times they show him Crosby. There's a reason NHL on NBC has a drinking game. Overanalysis. On Versus, it can be worse...especially if Ed Olczyk is on. Sometimes it's hard to tell if I'm watching Versus or a second FSN Pittsburgh.
  9. Yeah, I watched the replay and this is what I saw. Nothing even happened on the replay. Overanalyzed again by NBC. "YOU SAW IT HAPPEN, AND...YEAH".
  10. Probably friends, joking around...play-shoving drunk. How you could get genuine animosity out of that is beyond me.
  11. Pretty much what I came to say. I sense a "no goal" coming next period.
  12. Oh, homer announcers. How I'm glad they're not as bad in Detroit. Anaheim, San Jose, and Boston have the worst in terms of homeritis, though.
  13. WOOOOOOOO Pavel showed him some stuff. Pays to trust your eyes to that Rahmani guy.
  14. Poor Ken Daniels sounded like he was about to pass a kidney stone right there.