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  1. The next great Red Wing

    It will be interesting this season to see if people start crowning him as the next GREAT Red Wings goalie instead of Jimmy Howard. Sounds like this is going to have to be Howard's season if he is ever going to make it as a Wing. Let's hope this Larsson kid can keep improving.
  2. Former Wings...

    My top 5 (based on personal favs, not contributions to the team)... Paul Ysebaert Ray Sheppard Dino Ciccarelli Stu Grimson Jimmy Carson
  3. Favorite Goalie Mask

    My all-time favorite is the old Jim Rutherford mask. Oh and a non-Wings mask I used to love was Corey Hirsch's...the one with the old Bates house (from the movie Pyscho) on it. Rutherford Hirsch Edit to include pics
  4. Please Stop Calling The Wings A Lock

  5. Please Stop Calling The Wings A Lock

    Wow, I have to say I am surprised that this thread went this far. The only point I was making in this thread was that after the Hossa signing I saw post after post (not just on this board either), with Wings fans basically saying this team is unstoppable and there was no need to even play next season. And while the people who made the comments about they would rather see positive posts as opposed to negative posts, I agree 100%. The only thign I hate seeing is Boston fans or New York fans (mostly Boston fans I guess...I'm living in CT for work right now) and they are absolutely obnoxious. They are the most pompous fans I have ever seen, the radio stations, messageboards or conversations are filled with comments that all basically end with the Sox or the Pats being guaranteed champions. And trust me it makes them all look like @sses, even when they win the World Series, but they looked even more ridiculous when say the Pats lost the Super Bowl...and believe me they talked about the Super Bowl being locked up after week 5. Going into the Super Bowl they were posting about how disappointing it was going to be to see such a slaughter in the Super Bowl...little did they know how that was going to turn out. So when I saw the Wings posts about already being crowned the 2009 Champs, it just reminded me too much of that Boston/New York stuff I am constantly bombarded with. But hey, to each their own...if you guys want to lock it up, lock away.
  6. I am truly psyched about the signing of Hossa, and I think it is the perfect thing to keep the Stanley Cup high going...but that in no way makes Detroit a lock to win the Cup. A lot of things can happen between now and next June. Even back in 2002 when the Wings had all of the hall of famers and were dubbed a lock, they fell 0-2 in the 1st round and then got pushed 7 games against Colorado. Did they win? Yes, but it wasn't like they swept their way through, and I think some fans are making it seem like this team is going 98-0. This Red Wings teams seems a lot like the Celtics of last season, everyone crowned them the champs before the season started (at least here in the north east where I am currently living for business). And they got pushed to two separate 7 games series. Did they win? Yes, but was it a cake walk? No. I know I know, I'm being a downer, and I truly am psyched about Hossa and I do think he really gives the Wings another dimension. And I think they have a GREAT shot at winning the cup, but a lot of things can happen, and I think too many people are crowning them champs too soon. Okay, now that I have been a buzz kill, Go Wings!
  7. Wow, Pittsburghers are really ticked

    I absolutely love that video. The ignorance of that guy is ridiculous. My favorite is when is talking about the perfect ending is for Pittsburgh to win the cup, "...against a team he thought was better than Pittsburgh". Yeah, about that...last time I checked I am pretty sure Detroit proved they were a better team than Pittsburgh. But I guess I should go check the trophy rack to see who has the cup.
  8. Wings Concept Jersey

    Just for fun, how about these old school cougars ones, I haven't seen these ones before:
  9. Jimmy Howard

    I can sum up what this team needs in 2 words...Ed Belfour! LOL. But seriously, I am excited to see Howard play a whole season up in the big leagues. After all the years of hype, his time has finally arrived. The only thing I am worried about is if Osgood goes down with an injury, there isn't much depth there.
  10. Anyone remember the video that ESPN had after the Wings won the Cup in 97 and 98? They signed off the air playing a video with highlights and in 97 the song was "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen and in 98 was "Iris" by the Goo Goo Dolls. The 97 video is below. I wish NBC did something similar to that, I can't even tell you how many time I have watched this video..and I haven't seen the 98 one online, but I have it on VHS. Edit: I don't know how embed video, so I linked it instead.
  11. Offseason

    Isn't it funny how Holland was perceived as a bum last off-season for not getting big names, and the same thing at the trade deadline. Now the Wings win the cup and the roster only needs minor tweaking. I actually agree though, no major moves necessary here. A few depth signings and I think the Wings will be ready for next season.
  12. Sundin may test free agency; wants big money

    The only way Sundin comes here is if he is willing to put his wallet away and come here to win a Stanley Cup.
  13. Rank The Red Wings Stanley Cups

    Okay, let's see em. I know it's hard, but let's see your rankings for how good the past 4 Stanley Cups have been. Here's mine, based on my experiences and opinions: 1997: The first for me is definitely the best. After a couple of disappointing seasons, the Wings time had finally arrived. I think we will always remember Stevie Y hoist the cup or Gary Thorne's call "The Detroit Red Wings are the Stanley Cup Champions!" 2008: This was a very close second. After hearing for years that the Wings were too old, and that they couldn't win in the new salary capped NHL. They faced a ton of adversity, 3 out of the 4 series were competitive and even the Stanley Cup finals, all the way down to the last second was tight. Last year left a sour taste in everyone's mouth, and then all of the disappointing first round exits before that had some wondering if the Wings would get back here anytime soon. All of the adversity, the injuries, the goalie change, twice hearing the media hype-up that the Wings could be on the losing end of some of the greatest comebacks ever (Dallas and Pittsburgh), it all just made this one that much sweeter. 2002: Being four years removed from their last cup victory, this one felt really good. Having all of those hall of famers on the team made them one of the most favored teams to win the cup in recent memory, and one of the most exciting to watch. It was awesome seeing a bunch of those HOF players raise the cup for the first time. But being so favored against an opponent like the Hurricanes took a little bit away from the drama that say this year's had. 1998: The second in back to back cups was still pretty sweet, but I think as a fan I was spoiled from the previous year. 98's path to the cup didn't seem as hard as 97's, so I don't think I appreciated it as much as I should have. How about for you guys?
  14. Anyone Else Just Not Want To Go To Bed?

    Nice avatar But yes I have the same problem. I have to be up in 4 1/2 hours, and after only getting 4 hours the other night I am going to be dragging tomorrow. But I figured I am going to be tired no matter what I do now, so I might as well live in this moment and just appreciate all the things that go along with having your team win the Stanley Cup!
  15. Off-Season Calendar

    Does anyone have a list of important key dates? Like when the draft is, free agent periods begin, training camp and all the other fun things we have to hold us over until the official defending Stanley Cup Champions start next season.