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  1. username and password please!

  2. Datsyuk stay at home defesneman?

    Someone please get hockey out of the south....... http://www.ontheforecheck.com/2010/10/31/1785132/pavel-datsyuk-stay-at-home-defenseman
  3. Best All-Time Players by Number

    If Orr was #5 would you take lidstrom over him? Not a chance. And if Orr didn't exist then Potvin would be the guy pushing chevrolets and that everyone would be talking about. I admit it's a close race but i still have to give it to potvin. In 5 more years when lidstrom has 3 more stanley cups, 2 more norris's and just re-signed another contract extension then yes...i'll take lidstrom.
  4. Player in SEL gets suspended for this hit

    I'm not saying this particular hit warrants a 2 game suspension...but an inch to the right could have yielded a lot more. I think these hits are the ones that have to be removed along with the "lateral back pressure" hits. Hits to the head in general should be eliminated. Back in the 70's and 80's players went for the chest or legs with their hits. You can get an artificial knee or hip and separated shoulders and broken sternums can be repaired. Try going to your doctor and asking for a brain replacement.... Had this player hit on target the opposing player would, at the very least, be knocked out and suffer a mild concussion. The league is sending a message early in saying "don't jump, don't target someone's head"...I'd be pissed if i was suspended by hitting someone like that and receiving two games but i can definitely see the leagues rationale behind this one.
  5. Kovalchuk traded to New Jersey

    I think that's the point of bringing him late, so he can't adjust. If he stays in NJ he has the potential of being the only devil to get over a ppg average.
  6. Skating treadmill

    They're use a lot with skate manufacturers to test products. Having a treadmill in the same building as the design team helps a lot, no need to transfer product to and from a rink for testing and they can operate on their own schedule.
  7. Ozzie's Painted Mask - 05/06 Season - Never Game Worn

    I actually like osgood's unpainted/old mask. I think it's kind of a play on the heritage and tradition that goes along with the red wings jersey and the winged wheel. I'm not a fan of complicated paint jobs on masks, especially if it involves the red wings. I think the more simple the mask, the better.
  8. Ozzie's Painted Mask - 05/06 Season - Never Game Worn

    Here's another one, the photo is copyrighted at 07-08, kind of neat how osgood had two masks done and painted and never wore any of them. This one is done by bishop designs...they did hasek's masks, and jimmy howards, manny legace's. Also they've done a bunch of penguins guys, kind of ironic how they mainly do detroit and pittsburgh...or not
  9. Will YOU play this season?

    I played High School on our school's varsity team...took 2 too many head shots and am now relegated to pick-up hockey and refereeing. I got a job as equipment manager for my university men's team this year though, i'm excited to get back into the groove of hockey, being at the rink 6-7 days a week. I really missed it when i stopped playing.
  10. Itan Chavira

    This guy actually played with my neighbor in his first year ever playing ice hockey 2 years ago in Charlottetown in the MJAHL up here in canada. It's a Jr A league and he ripped it up. He's a goal scorer/dangler and made the transition pretty easily, although i doubt he'll ever make it to the NHL he's a gifted puck handler. He's great in one-on-one battles but lacks a sense of team play, i guess that's the roller hockey rubbing off on him. Look him up on hockeydb. I guess he's in the ECHL now with the Ontario Reign, didn't know that. On hockeydb it only says he played with Yarmouth, but he just finished the season there, the bulk of his points were with Charlottetown. 85 points in 52 games playing on a bottom feeding team...not bad.
  11. Too early to start the Osgood for Conn Smythe talk?

    we all know it's going to be crosby. JK. I realy see Osgood as the Conn Smythe leader for the wings thus far. There have been great performances from ALL of our forwards this playoffs, but also each player has had a downtime too. Luckily our depth has allowed different guys to step up at different times and we have not suffered. Lidstrom might be the only other wing i'd consider for Conn Smythe, but with his missing two games i'm not sure anymore.
  12. Zetterberg covering the puck on Ozzie's back...

    They didn't mess up, it was the right non-call. He did cover the puck, but it wasn't on the ice. For example, if the puck is in the air a player can grab it and then cover it on the ice...this wouldn't be a penalty shot either as the puck wasn't ON THE ICE when the puck was covered (it was in the air). It still should have been a delay of game penalty however, as noone except for the goaltender can cover the puck. The explanation from the NHL however was the Zeta just slapped the puck off of osgood and did not cover it. This is perfectly fine. A lot of people think that a finger on the puck in the crease is a penalty shot..but it has to be COVERED similar to a goaltender covering it, so an attacking player cannot play the puck. An attacking player is not expected to have a scoring chance when the puck is in the air (yes it's possible but not expected) therefore a player can cover the puck in the air or on top of a goaltenders back and it won't be a penalty shot.
  13. Kronwall Hit

    does anyone have a hi-res picture of the hit. Either the one that was already posted or one right after the hit with havlat knocked out? I'd like to make a wallpaper with it. Call was brutal, should never have happened, sort of a disgrace to take away a top 4 d-man so early in a game for something that was only called because of an injury. If it was a dirty charge or elbow and he got hit...sure. But it was a clean it, and Havlat should have played the puck instead of making it look pretty and have it go between his legs....Havlat had the chance to play the puck but chose not to. Let's face it. If Kronwall nailed him and Havlat got up, nothing would have happened, no penalties, no scrums, no nothing. But our buddy Dan O had to just go ruin everything like he always does.
  14. Kronwall Hit

    Word is that Kronwall hit Havlat so hard he knocked him back into his rookie season. Some confirmation on this would be great, but i heard he's looking to lead the Senators back into a playoff spot next year.