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  1. Players and Number

    23-The number of times Brad Stuart will have to remind Ken Holland that he has a no trade clause. (after Kenny listens to the LGW masses)
  2. Players and Number

    29-The number of teams that will be looking up at us after the playoffs
  3. New Money Woes for McCarty

    How much money did Darren Mccarty make in his career? I'm not making any judgements. I just am curious what his paychecks were when he was in his prime.
  4. The "Who Will You Miss Most Next Year" Poll

    The results of this thread are invalid because it didn't include Mike Babcock's Fedora~ I think the team will be most effected by the loss of Hossa, but personally I will miss Hudler the most.
  5. Joe Sakic announces his retirement

    Much like everyone in this thread, I always respected Joe Sakic. Even at the height of the rivalry, I could never spew the same hate towards him as I did a Forsberg, Deadmarsh, or WAHHH. Enjoy your retirement with your family, and maybe you can find a managerial role in the NHL somehwere. Although selfishly I am sort of releived to see this day. I didn't want him to pass Yzerman in several categories.
  6. Biggest Gaffe in the new CBA

    I thought the entire fight was largely over keeping player salaries in check and giving the owners cost certainty. A hard cap is nessasary to acheive this. Even when teams overpay for players, they are punished by having to fill out the roster with less talented players(keeping overall costs in line). What you are suggesting would change everything that they fought for. Player salaries would sky rocket and the owners would no longer have cost certainty. Sure it sucks for us wings fans, because of what we have been accustomed to, but it's best for the league.
  7. Chi is SOOO Screwed

    My first reaction was definately that the Hawks will be tough. I think they can definately give us a run for the division and in the playoffs. However, after some of the comments here, I just can't understand what their GM was thinking. Why would you sacrifice your franchise player? Unless they assumed they wouldn't be able to sign them all next year anyways? I just don't get it. If they don't win the cup this season, and the team is partially dismantled next year, I see that as an absolute failure of management.
  8. Holland confirms that Hudler will play in KHL

    I also agree with the people who say that we got alot out of him for the money we paid him. You may say he's not worth 2.5 or 3 million (I think he is, but we just can't give it to him), but I don't think anyone can say he didn't produce at his old pay. It's certainly a loss in our depth. Depth that has won us championships time and time again. "don't it always seem to go that you don't know what ya got til it's gone."
  9. This Season's Flyers

    Post #21 almost made me spit water all over my screen at like 4 a.m. I'm not sure what your intention was, but my initial thought was that you were saying what a brain dead type comment that was. No offense against the person who said it, but I laughed pretty hard.
  10. Holland confirms that Hudler will play in KHL

    I am sad to see Hudler go. My memory of him will always be his reaction in 2008 finals after he scored that game 4 goal. He was like a little kid on Christmas If that money is true, I can't blame someone in his position. It's not like he has made 50 million or something in his career already. I would be glad for him to come back in a year or so if that's possible.
  11. This Season's Flyers

    It worked for Anaheim
  12. Bettman @ Game 5

    Just imagine the look on his face if/when he has to hand the Cup over to Lidstrom again~
  13. Is Anaheim Cheating?

    They're not cheating; they're golfing~ Seriously though, Anaheim just has a good defense. Why even bring this up now? Senseless.
  14. WCF GAME 2 GDT: Blackhawks 2 at Red Wings 3 (OT)

    "It was a horses*** performance in the second half. HORSEs***. I'm totally embarrassed and totally ashamed." It makes me laugh evertime...
  15. WCF GAME 2 GDT: Blackhawks 2 at Red Wings 3 (OT)

    This video of Jim Mora isn't as famous as the "PLAYOFFS!?!" one, but in my opinion it is the best coach rant ever. Imagine if this man was head coach of the Detroit Lions. It would be gold on a weekly basis.