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  1. 3chrisosgood0


  2. 3chrisosgood0

    Official "We Believe" Thread

    I believe!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. 3chrisosgood0

    2011 LGW Playoff Picks Game: Round 2

    VAN/NSH: 4-3 SJS/DET: 4-1 WAS/TBL: 4-3 PHI/BOS: 4-2
  4. 3chrisosgood0

    2011 LGW Playoff Picks Game

    VAN/CHI: 4-0 SJS/LAK: 4-3 DET/PHX: 4-2 ANA/NSH: 4-3 WAS/NYR: 4-1 PHI/BUF: 4-2 BOS/MTL: 4-3 PIT/TBL: 4-3 WC Champion:Detroit EC Champion:Boston SCF Champion:Detroit
  5. 3chrisosgood0

    Atlanta's Attendance Last Night

    yes they did though Columbus fans dont care i lived there for 3 years and unless it has to do with buckeyes people in columbus want no part of it, especially if its hockey. but the low attendance seems a bit discouraging anyone know if the average is down as a whole this year?
  6. 3chrisosgood0

    Players you've always wanted on the Wings

    Martin St. Louis Steve Stamkos David Backes Dwayne Roloson awhile ago
  7. 3chrisosgood0

    Red Wings are going to be just fine

    Agreed, we ll be fine our season is not defined by game 4 of an 82 game season, look at the bright side we are not penguins fans
  8. 3chrisosgood0

    Stream for tonights game

    i really need a stream for tonights game, hockeystreams.com is all jacked to hell so i dont know if itll be working right can someone please post a stream link, sorry if this is posted somewhere else im short on time and figured this would be the quickest way to get an answer thank you!
  9. 3chrisosgood0

    9/24 Pre-season GDT: Chicago Blackhawks at Red Wings

    so i live in Indiana and i get comcast for the Chicago area because Chicagos the only big market near, so would i be able to get the game or is their some weird blackout restrictions i dont know about?
  10. 3chrisosgood0

    NHL center ice info

    Hey guys ive been lookin around a little bit and unable to find a clear answer. I just moved to Indiana where i can not get nhl center ice on my cable box as i dont have one anymore so i was wondering how much itll cost for online center ice? and if anyone has any previous experience with it how happy were you with it? better same or worse than tv quality? thanks for any info
  11. 3chrisosgood0

    In Depth Look at the Central Division

    lol at Lebda being the better player. I think just about any red wings fan was counting Lebda leaving is addition by subtracction. not a key loss
  12. 3chrisosgood0

    Macomb Community College hockey

    i like the sound of this, i havent technically picked a college yet and im a goalie who would love to get on this time so if someone could send me some information about this college id like to take a look at it
  13. 3chrisosgood0

    Mike Modano

    im a bit shocked at the amount 0f yes votes on this, i half expected to be run off the site for suggesting we sign an older guy. I think hed be one hell of an addition but i would also love a grit guy that can kick some ass but isnt stupid on the offenseive end, as in if he was set up to bank in an easy rebound or make a good simple play he could do so
  14. 3chrisosgood0

    Mike Modano

    http://sports.espn.go.com/dallas/nhl/news/story?id=5311371 kinda interesting article on Modano basically saying if he doesnt retire he wont play for the stars. so i figured itd be an interesting debate to see if anyone out there would want him to join the wings for a 1 year lower salary finish your career type deal. I could go either way i could argue for it or against it whats your take?
  15. did anyone see the play where the net came off in the san jose end and the refs let play go until the puck was in Detroits end then blew the whistle making the face off in Detroits end as opposed to San Joses? maybe im missing something here but thats total bulls*** the net was very VERy clearly off while the puck was in the san jose end therfore faceoff shoulda been in the zone or just outside of it NOT in Detroits