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  1. What I was interested in was some of the other active wings on the list. Who knew Holmstrom was so far up the list? and Draper?
  2. First a bunch of Downey fights: Then some McCarty fights and a goal or two or three... Lemeiex turns turtle.... a recent fight... Hat trick against the AVs: In the AHL but hey...he scored three times! A pretty goal... another goal not as a wing! So you got a guy that can fight (Downey) and a guy whos getting older but that can still fight and has scored a few goals once upon a time...
  3. Funniest quote about Lidstrom: "I saw it, but I didn't know he could shoot that fast," Larsson said.
  9. Key quote: "You've heard this one before. The Detroit Red Wings pluck a diamond in the rough from the lower tiers of the Sweden's leagues."
  11. Key quote: "If Jimmy comes in and he's the best guy, we're going to have to reevaluate," Holland said. "But Jimmy's going to lose any tie. I explained that to Jimmy."
  12. The Record Eagle covers this event each year...
  13. Two time Stanly cup champ writes in from his new gig in Latvia.