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  1. Lidstrom passes Fedorov

    What I was interested in was some of the other active wings on the list. Who knew Holmstrom was so far up the list? and Draper?
  2. When considering the final forward spots....

    First a bunch of Downey fights: Then some McCarty fights and a goal or two or three... Lemeiex turns turtle.... a recent fight... Hat trick against the AVs: In the AHL but hey...he scored three times! A pretty goal... another goal not as a wing! So you got a guy that can fight (Downey) and a guy whos getting older but that can still fight and has scored a few goals once upon a time...
  3. News from the Last Day of Camp

    Funniest quote about Lidstrom: "I saw it, but I didn't know he could shoot that fast," Larsson said.
  8. More on Abdelkader
  9. Key quote: "You've heard this one before. The Detroit Red Wings pluck a diamond in the rough from the lower tiers of the Sweden's leagues."
  11. Key quote: "If Jimmy comes in and he's the best guy, we're going to have to reevaluate," Holland said. "But Jimmy's going to lose any tie. I explained that to Jimmy."
  12. Traverse City Prospect Tournie

    The Record Eagle covers this event each year...
  13. Hartigan from Riga Two time Stanly cup champ writes in from his new gig in Latvia.