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  1. Lidstrom for Norris

    Lidstrom for Norris

  2. Lidstrom for Norris

    Next Generation D

    Keep dreaming. As much as i would love to see him wearing the winged wheel, it will never happen. He's a pred until the day he hangs em up
  3. Lidstrom for Norris

    Professional hockey returns to Fraser - GO DRAGONS!

    Its great to see another pro team in hockeytown! I'm definantly going to have to check out a few games
  4. Lidstrom for Norris


    The Rangers always seem to overpay players who never end up playing well enough to deserve that much money (A couple great examples being Wade Redden, Chris Drury, and Michael Rozsival). The Boogard signing proves that they still havent learned their lesson. With the lack of success they have been having since they caught on to this trend, you would think that they would stop giving out contracts that make the rest of the NHL, along with the public, laugh out loud. I understand that the big apple is a high priced city and expences there are much higher than anywere else, but if this team ever wants to be a top 5, they need to stop handing out silly contracts to undeserving players.
  5. Lidstrom for Norris

    Hockeytown Gameday Challenge

    Det-Williams Lidstrom Zetterburg Chi-Keith
  6. Lidstrom for Norris

    Carolina/Boston Game

    That should have been a goal. I hate when dumbass refs blow the whistle half a second after they "lose sight" of the puck
  7. Lidstrom for Norris

    Where will the Wings play next year?

    Today on Red Wings live, Mickey York made a comment saying how history could be made during tonights game since this could be the last regular season game the wings ever play at the Joe. Mickey then said there would be more on that story later in the show, but they never got to it. Does anyone know anything about this? Are the wings planning to move away from the JLA?
  8. Lidstrom for Norris

    Calder Trophy Watch Thread

    This years Calder race will be very close. Last year for example, everyone knew that Steve Mason had it in the bag once the all star break hit. Sure, Versteeg and Bobby Ryan had solid regular seasons, but neither of which could compare to Masons 10 shutouts, 1.7 goals against average, or 30 wins (not to mention leading the BJ's to their first playoff bid in franchise history). This years race doesnt have an easily defined winner as mason was last season. Between the 5 canidates there will be 1 offensive nominee, 1 defensive nominee, and 1 goaltender nominee. The numbers for all canidates are impressive this year but there is no standout nominee. Here is how I see the final nominee decisions being made; Goaltenders- Both Howard and Tukka Rask have similar numbers this year. Rask's save persentage may be better, but he hasnt played in as many games as Howie. Howie has had to be better on a more consistent basis, where as Rask goes 50/50 between the pipes with Thomas. Howie has carried the bigger load thus far this season. Goaltending nominee- Jimmy Howard, Detroit Red Wings Defensmen- This is by far the easiest decision or the 3 nominees. No question it will be Tyler Myers of the Sabers. Reason number one being that there really isnt much competition this year for rookie defensman. You have Michael Del Zoto and Matt Gillroy who both got off to good starts for the Rangers, but its pretty obvious when you look at their defensive struggles as a team that Gilroy and Del Zoto were scratched from contention months ago. Reason number two being that Myers is and absolute beast on the blue line this year. Put his six foot eight inch frame aside and just watch the way this kid can move north to south on the ice. His number are great (i think hes top 10 or 12 in defensive scoring this season last time i checked), and his coach, Lindy Ruff, has tons of confidence in him. It shows too, considering he plays more minutes than any other player on Buffalo's roster. Defensive nominee- Tyler Myers, Buffalo Sabres Offense- John Tavares had a lot of hype about him comming into the 09-10 season, having an outstanding junior career and being the number 1 draft pick. Averaging only around 0.5 points a game and the Isles currently out of playoff race, he hasnt lived up to his expectations. That said, i think the number 3 pick in last years draft, Matt Duchene, has outplayed tavares. The Aves got off to a great start this season after a losing season last year, which put them into last place in the western conference. They are now serious contenders for the playoffs, and Matt Duchene has been a big of this years success. Offensive nominee- Matt Duchene, Colorado Avalanche Calder Trophy predictions: 1st place- Tyler Myers 2nd place- Jimmy Howard 3rd place- Matt Duchene
  9. Lidstrom for Norris

    2/2 GDT: Red Wings 4 at Sharks 2

    Much needed and deserved victory. Way to go boys!
  10. Lidstrom for Norris

    2/2 GDT: Red Wings 4 at Sharks 2

    Thornton is an idiot. "Lets run the oppositions goaile and take a penalty when we have a two man advantage." You have to wonder what went though his head
  11. Lidstrom for Norris

    2/2 GDT: Red Wings 4 at Sharks 2

    Eaves should have made a drop pass to Cleary on that 2 on 0 after the first deke instead of trying to jam it. Nabby would have never seen it comming
  12. Lidstrom for Norris

    Best Goalie in the NHL Poll

    How can you not choose Marty Brodeur here? I agree that Miller has been the best goalie THIS SEASON but that is not part of the poll question if you read it closely. Brodeur has been the most consistent and clutch goaltender in the league for as long as i can remember. Numerous Stanley Cups and Vezena trophies seem to agree. There is a reason that Marty is cleaning house on the record books.
  13. Lidstrom for Norris

    Lidstroms Defensiv Partners

    He used to get paired with Jeri Fisher before the accident. He also partnered with Lilja for a while
  14. Lidstrom for Norris

    2 major trades by Toronto.

    It may look like a lot to give up at first, but you have to consider all the prospects that the Leafs have either in junior or on the Marlies. Tyler Bozak takes Hagmans place Christian Hanson moved in Blake's spot Nazem Kadri - Stajan Move a guy from the Minors to fill Mayers' 4th line spot and then Phaneuf takes Ian White's spot Look out in a couple years when these kids start to develop
  15. Lidstrom for Norris

    2 major trades by Toronto.

    Who are the giving up for him?