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  1. What You'll Remember Most From This Season?

    Lidstrom's shot at the end, what an opportunity, what an amazing feeling it would have been if he scored there to force OT... and imagine if we would have won in OT? then that goal by Lidstrom would become a classic goal, one that is remembered for a long time, it'll further cement his argument for best defensive player ever, it would have been our 2nd cup and dynasty talks would begin as our main nucleus is locked up for a long time, and all on one shot with 2 seconds left... thats what i'll remember, the fact that all that was gone with one save by big toothed fluery...
  2. 1955 posts for game 7 STANLEY CUP WIN!

    so nervous, yet still somehow confident... LETS GO WINGS, BACK TO BACK CHAMPIONS, MAKE IT HAPPEN!!
  3. these entire playoffs, the players who ive grown to respect more are Filppula and Helm... Helm obviously has shown he can be a great player, his hustle, heart and fearlessness have really stood out all playoffs, especially as we've gone further along... he can be careless with the puck but hes still young and has so much potential... Filppula to me really has emerged as a playmaker, though hes kind of subdued in the finals... the Chicago series he showed what hes capable of and he has a lot of potential already... the rest of the guys we already know and love, no surprises from them
  4. Rank 5 best players in NHL today excluding goalies

    Ovechkin Malkin Datsyuk Iginla Crosby
  5. The end of hockey as we know it...

    people on this board love to act like the NHL hates the wings... its not like we're Columbus or something, we are a major market for the NHL... yes they would love to see Crosby win something and a young exciting Penguins team become a force in the league... but its no skin off the NHL's back if the Red Wings win... were there questionable calls, of course, but there are no conspiracies to extend the series, its just the way things happen sometimes... get over it
  6. Hossa's cup quest garners little sympathy

    i agree... (though i think you worded your 2nd sentence wrong) i think its refreshing for an athlete to be more worried about winning than he is about an extra million dollars on his salary... it shows me that he cares and he'll work his ass off because his main goal is to lift that stanely cup
  7. Holland dissappointed with the revised schedule

    the back to back is what it is, but i would have then preferred to have game 3 in pittsburgh on Wednesday instead of Tuesday, give the 2 days off after the back to back... that would have made more sense... i hate the scheduling, then no day games either on the weekends, ***...
  8. SCF Lines

    id probably split up Z and Dats like everyones saying, to have them up against malkin and sissy... id also put Homer on the 3rd line with Helm and Hudler, i think he pairs up well with them... make samuelson the odd man out down to the 4th line...
  9. The misconception that Datsyuk and Zetterberg are equal

    is it me or is JeffBridges halfway delusional? reading this thread i just keep shaking my head...
  10. Line Changes

    yeah basically coaches want certain lines to go against the other teams specific lines... we have been trying to keep the Zetterberg line out there against the Getzlaf line because we feel its a good matchup... Z or Datsyuk are both great 2 way players, so defensively it helps against Anaheims top line, and also they can keep pressure in the offensive zone limiting Getzlaf's chances... so the home team is allowed to send out their line after the road team sends out theirs to a face off... so when we're home we can see if Anaheim is sending out Getzlaf, if he is we'd shoot out the Zetterberg line, or whatever matchup we feel is favorable and go from there... Anameim in trying to keep Getzlaf away from the Z line, would see if we send out say the Helm line, they would try to get Getzlaf out there then to hopefully get him away from Z's line... its just about the coaches playing the matches they feel will help them best, and as a home team before a faceoff, you can send out your line AFTER the away team to make sure you get out a matchup you want...
  11. Pasha flipping puck over net to Cleary

    i think he was trying to come around himself... you see him skate to get to the front but hes interfered with on the way preventing him from getting there...
  12. Pasha flipping puck over net to Cleary

    didn't really almost score... the press is making a bigger deal out of it than need be... inventive attempt, but it didn't get anywhere really... it was a great shift though
  13. Winter Classic ratings

    thats great... more positive hockey ratings equals more hockey on national tv, which is good for us out of town redwings fans...
  14. Leino skating in place of Holmstrom

    well Helm did all he could this preseason... guess he'll have to wait for injuries to come back up... hopefully Leino sticks though... love seeing the young guys contribute...
  15. Hossa gives his opinion...

    i dont think you can compare the two... they are completely different style players... Datsyuk will create for others more so than Crosby... while Crosby will create for his own shot... a better comparison would be Zetterberg and Crosby... but even still Crosby is still growing, and hes probably already a better offensive player than both of them...