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  1. Would you wear an Avalanche jersey?

    who would wear a aves jersey, aves suk so hard lol
  2. Happy 36th Birthday to Ozzie!

    osgood suks this year man xD
  3. Zetterberg, 50 goals?

    i wanna see hossa datsuk and henrix on the same line
  4. Who was/is your all time favourite goalie?

    hasek and osgood
  5. Update: Wings (don't) recall Ville Leino

    hes out for a month
  6. Would you trade

    are u crazy franzen better then heatly
  7. Andreas Lilja

    dude ur nuts for wanting to trade cleary
  8. NHL Center Ice Dual Feeds

    centre ice is in canada two? becuse i think i got it
  9. Hossa

    hes been playin ok not perfect