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  1. Fan Ring Giveaway

    Plastic-ey? or a type of metal?
  2. Barry Melrose fired

    Lightnings Head coach - Failed Panthers Head coach - Failed
  3. Hossa.....WOW

    I would say Franzen... but everyone needs to remember what he did for us last season." Thanks for putting a huge effort towards us winning the cup, but were gonna have to cut you... ".. I'd have to say cut hossa.
  4. '97 Brawl

    " If you don't live in Michigan, your not a wings fan, or maybe a newb. " I wasn't interested in hockey back in '97, i do remember it and i knew about it but it wasnt fresh in my mind, watching the hit on draper reminded me of it.
  5. '97 Brawl

    Jw, has anyone watched this? I'm sure a lot of you have.. What were they talking about, its been 301 days since the hit on kris draper? DELETE PLEASE: I watched the video after it
  6. Center Ice Commercial, Makes Me Sick

    GOAL PENS!!!!!!!!! W0000T OUR FIRST GOAL!!! 1-10 YAYYYYY!!!!! Lets make a commercial out of it!!!! YAHHH!!!!!!
  7. starting to get a bit paranoid

    Goaling interference? No. He was pushed right onto the goalie.. Hopefuly the red wings will still win..
  8. Jiri Hudler

    I would love to see Hudler on the 2nd line. He is a good player and scores almost every time i see him on the ice. I think if he was given more time, he would adjust and be a better player.
  9. Yet another ugly 3rd jersey Leaked

    That's nice, but i like their current jersey better.
  10. Detroit is a real tough team. All they do is cheap shot all over the ice and hide behind their visors and never drop the gloves. What a joke.


  11. Early reviews on Hossa

    Maybe Hossa just needed a little bit of time to get use to the team, ease up with them and learn to play with good players.
  12. This Is Too Good

    I love immature fans. If the game doesn't make you laugh, then the immature fans sure will. Detroit isnt one of the best teams in the NHL for " cheap shots all over the ice, hide behind their visors and never drop the gloves ". They are a smart, goal scoring team. They might not drop the gloves every time a opponent calls them a " bad name " on the ice, but they will score on you and beat you in the game.
  13. Kinda Late, but no interference call?

    Ah, i just went back over the clip at and there wasn't a defense men in front of him, he blindly hit Osgood. I think he didn't see Osgood but how can u not see a goalie?
  14. Kinda Late, but no interference call?

    Yeah, possibly. However, i do remember when a wing was called for goalie interference because he knocked the goalie down behind the net. Weird ;x
  15. Kinda Late, but no interference call?

    I didnt watch the game when it was being played but i watched the highlights of the game. Why wasnt there a goalie interference call on the Vancouver Canucks when he ran over osgood, layed ontop of him and got scored on?