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  1. piazza


  2. piazza

    Trade Deadline

    We have to work against the cap, which means we have to clear as much salary as we take in, so if we get anyone it ain't gonna be a superstar.
  3. piazza

    Chelios lays into Lemiuex

    If Chelios won't scrap, I will. I still remember Ciccarelli's words well enough. Man that was a hell of a rivalry, I remember we made get-well cards at my kindergarten for Drapes. I'd love to see someone get a hold of Lemiuex.
  4. piazza

    Who do you hate irrationally?

    I'm almost positive I can rationalize my hate for everyone. I suppose that's a skill unto itself, in a way.
  5. piazza

    Trade Deadline

    I'd like to see another defenseman. Lidstrom Rafalski Kronwall Lilja Stuart Lebda Chelios Stuart is injured, and Chelios is a shadow, of a shadow, of a shadow of himself. He can't even skate anymore.
  6. piazza

    Red Wings + Journey = ?

    I remember they played it during game 5, and the whole crowd sung it (at least the South Detroit part), then Pitt scored. I remember hearing people sing that part, whenever they played it at games when I was little. Those were the days.