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  1. ComradeWasabi

    Helm takes puck to face, has fractured cheekbone

    Just one more thing he has in common with Drapes.
  2. ComradeWasabi

    Article: Ryan Does Not Desire Trade

    You know what, Crymson, you can just get the hell out of here with your reliable sources and logical conclusions.
  3. ComradeWasabi

    Evander Kane is a Better Option than Zach Parise

    We've seen that teams are pretty willing to let players sit out if they won't sign and a trade can't be arranged - see Kyle Turris, and almost Drew Doughty. While I don't agree with actually paying a 20-year-old $5+ million, the fact remains that a first and a third could be a decent price for what is essentially a sign-and-trade.
  4. ComradeWasabi

    Exit interview with legendary Red Wing Nicklas Lidstrom

    Thanks for posting! Bought a poster as soon as I saw it, too.
  5. ComradeWasabi

    Why isn't the Wild in hot water for their owner's comments?

    On the first page I quite clearly explained why I really don't care for this to be investigated. I think it's pretty stupid that team officials are not allowed to say that if a player were to make it to market, they would make a strong push for him. Throwing specific numbers around and talking directly to players or agents: those are (and should be) violations of the tampering rule. I simply don't think that saying that you would match any potential offer a player might receive should be considered a violation of the rules. People aren't stupid, everyone in both the Parise in NJ camps are quite aware that he is the marquee free agent forward this off-season and that if he makes it to UFA status, multiple teams will be making significant offers. I don't understand why everybody is supposed to play stupid until July 1st, especially when it comes to such a major free agent. It would of course be quite another matter if, for example, a GM publicly disclosed the terms of the offer he would be making to a free agent. But just to say "I really want him if he becomes available and I'll stop at nothing to try to make it happen" should not be against the rules, at least in my opinion. Under the letter of the rules, you're right: this should be investigated and something should be done about it. I just don't like the rules. I was going to respond to the rest of your post, but I don't think it'll be very productive for either one of us, so I'll leave it at that.
  6. ComradeWasabi

    Why isn't the Wild in hot water for their owner's comments?

    Regardless of the effect (the absurdity of which I discussed in my previous post), there is absolutely no proof that Leipold said anything of the sort and as such no case to make for punishing the Wild. End of story.
  7. ComradeWasabi

    Why isn't the Wild in hot water for their owner's comments? Summary of the article: the Leafs were fined for the public comments made by Ron Wilson. Craig Leipold's comments, on the other hand were (allegedly) made at dinner and then reported by whomever, not given publicly. In fact, there's absolutely no proof that Leipold said anything of the sort; right now, all we have is hearsay, which means nothing, from someone not affiliated with the team. Personally, I think the rules concerning "tampering" are ridiculous anyways. Obviously negotiating with an impending free agent before the free agency period begins is a big no-no, but that would be outright cheating. But what the hell is the point of making GMs and coaches pretend that they aren't interested in acquiring an impending UFA if he goes to market? It's a pointless exercise. Everybody in hockey knows that there are 29 teams interested in Zach Parise, so who really cares if people talk about it? You can bet your bottom dollar that these conversations happen constantly behind closed doors and in private anyways. It's silly to put the blinders on. As far as you example concerning Parise's price point: why should there be a rule in place which restricts the information available to everyone when negotiating salary? How is it fair to restrict information for the benefit of one team, possibly to the detriment of the 29 other teams AND the player(s) in question? I understand that he's still technically under contract with the Devils, but why is the team being protected instead of the players? The players are the talent, they're the ones out on the ice, and if they want to get paid more for it by going to free agency, that's their prerogative. Trying to withhold information that would influence that decision - a life-changing, multi-million dollar decision - is outrageous.
  8. ComradeWasabi

    Lord Stanley's Mug

  9. ComradeWasabi

    Lord Stanley's Mug

    Jeez, you weren't kidding. Holy s***.
  10. ComradeWasabi

    Tim Thomas.

    I don't think this is true. IIRC, Scott Niedermayer was technically under suspension by the Ducks when he sat out the first third of the 07-08 season, and his salary didn't count against the cap. If the B's do the same thing, I'm guessing Thomas' salary will also not count towards the cap. Since Thomas signed his contract after turning 35 years old, if he actually retired, the Bruins would have to pay off the rest of his contract (or at least some percentage of it, I don't remember..). Sounds like this is a way for him to hang 'em up and not leave the team stranded.
  11. ComradeWasabi

    Nick Lidstrom retires after 20 seasons

    Feels pretty s***ty knowing I'll only ever see #5 on the ice again in replays. On the one hand, I'm full of respect for Nick and all his accomplishments, and we should celebrate him; on the other hand, this ******* sucks.
  12. ComradeWasabi

    Preds not allowed to play ping pong at Joe Louis Arena

    This is the reason we don't want you here. You're right, it is definitely useful and enjoyable when fans of other teams contribute. MacK_Attack is the first person I think of; a Leafs fan, but one whose posts I've always enjoyed reading. (On that note, I feel like I haven't seen him in a while...?) What we don't want to see - and the reason we use the term troll - is when people come here and all they do is tell us that their team is going to beat ours. I don't see how that contributes to friendly playoff discussion, especially when there's trash-talking involved (not citing any specific examples, just speaking generally). What possible purpose does this serve other than to get a rise out of the forumgoers here? That is, what purpose other than to troll us and hope for a reaction? Sure, other team's fans are welcome here. But it should be painfully obvious that it's a Red Wings forum and that you (again, a general you, not you necessarily) are opening yourself up to hostile reactions from Red Wings fans when you post something we don't agree with. You might not like it, but nobody's making you come here. If you can't take the heat, don't play with fire.
  13. ComradeWasabi

    Must unleash the Mule!

    You know, I would almost be okay with that trade if Mule keeps playing like he is.
  14. ComradeWasabi

    #8 Los Angeles Kings vs. #1 Vancouver Canucks

    My thoughts exactly.