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  1. Bulls Tender

  2. Don't blame Howard.. blame Babcock

    I understand everyone wants to point the finger at Babs, or Howard, or Ozzie. What is mind boggling to me is that Howard is getting a free ride with a 4.00 gaa in this series. Has anyone told him that this is the playoffs and you have to step up your game? I know the Wings D-core isn't quite what it was two years ago, however, in Detroit, this is unacceptable. If anyone can recall from earlier on this season, Ozzie actually was playing well with a sv% above .900 before the Toronto game when he came down with the flu bug. Playing once a month and zero home games since before Christmas is not going to help anyone's numbers. Our playoff bread and butter is watching from the bench??? If this happened to Chevaldae,Vernon,Joseph,Legace,Hasek, or Ozzie, the change would have been made in previous years. With the salary cap era in effect, Isn't it about winning now, because tomorrow may not come for a long time with parity in the NHL? I think based on the last two playoff runs, Chris Osgood has earned a shot. Just not sure if Jimmy has what it takes to handle the pressure of being a goaltender in Detroit.
  3. Support Chris Osgood (and the Detroit Red Wings)

    Chris Osgood does not suck. This guy is a money goalie. He wins games, and he has been doing it all his career every where he has been, look it up. Osgood is going through a slump right now and the wings need to tighten up and help him through it. This is not all on Osgood. This guy saved us last year when he was the only direction to turn. He won a jennings trophy with Hasek, lowest gaa in the league, future Hall of Famer. Last year there was many who thought he could have won the Conn Smythe trophy if Zetterberg hadn't been so outstanding. Give him a break, things will turn around for him.
  4. Support Chris Osgood (and the Detroit Red Wings)

    I can't believe how many short term memories there are in this forum. In case everyone has forgotten, this guy just helped us win a cup last year, went to an all-star game, took home a jennings trophy, probablly the runner up for conn smythe, and led the league in gaa. Ozzie will eventually have the wins record for goalies in Detroit, and if so, will probablly have his number retired next to Sawchuck's and be inducted into the HHOF. Numbers inflated or not, the guy wins games! So he's going through a slump right now, it's not like the wings are losing every night. The wings needs to tighten up defensivley and help him through his slump and I'm pretty sure they know that. For everyone that thinks we could have won a cup with any goalie last year, that may or may not be true, however, this guy was ROCK SOLID in the playoffs when we needed him to step up. No soft goals in the post season last year, you can't say that about many goalies. Remember Manny, Cujo, Dom??? Marty Turco is also struggling in Dallas but I don't hear their fans trying to run him out of town. Lets give Ozzie some support. He's a veteran goalie that will bounce back, Go Wings