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  1. that's a shame, i've been watching every wings games here in brazil yesterday's win against the sharks was my last one best of luck for you and your little child
  2. please guys, every feed that I found is from ustream, if someone has another one, I'd be very apreciated
  3. anyone know any feed outside ustream to watch the game?? don't know why, but ustream doesn't work for me, maybe it's my internet connection appears on the bottom "found" but can't load/play anything
  4. Sammy!!!!!!
  5. Z!!!!! edit: nice hit
  6. wowww nice goal =[
  7. sou de Sorocaba, interior de Sao Paulo
  8. Hi guys, finally after follow this board for some months I'm register to cheer with you people for our wings here from Brazil It´s not soo good like adthe, but it´s something to watch