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  1. Hey man where did you get those pics of the hat? Off eBay? I took those... Theif!
  2. Fighting is part of the game. Most fans favorite part.. But it's not for every player. Players, and teams know who can hold their own out there. Even if an opposing teams player tries to start something with a non-fighter it wont go anywhere. I think the penalties handed out for fighting in the NHL today are fine and should be left as is. Pav and Z know better. There are smart players and are not fighters. Players don't get into fights agaist there will so I don't see any issues.
  3. I hate to see injuries like that! Plus I'm really going to miss him sittin in the reserves of my fantasy team..
  4. Nope. Wow I think Franzen got the only one! Additional Info: it said Red Wings along the edge of the bill. I have settled for the first link you posted. (actually I like it better) Thanks!
  5. I wish the Wings / Aves still had that same rivalry.. the game the other night was just... sad
  6. Yeah that's the Gothic D I was looking for but not the exact hat. Thank though! Why do they make them so hard to find?! I guess it's good marketing on there end, I want it even more now. lol
  7. It's hard to say since I can't see your entire league. May want to look for a free agent goalie. However Fleury is very close to a return.
  8. Anyone know where I can get one of the red zepher hats with the old Detroit D on the front? I saw franzen had it on in an interview and I can't find it anywhere. It looks sweet! Thanks!
  9. Wow you did draft like all wings.. might not be bad.