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  1. pockets


  2. pockets

    Help on "D" - Kenny should be calling Boston

    Vanek and clarkson would add about 12 mil in cap hit.... although a first line sniper would be nice and 2nd line center would cost less and allow Z and D to play on th same line. AA maybe ready but XO and Sproul havent even played in the AHL
  3. Flip is a good player but just because he scored more goals ONCE doesnt mean they should shell out that kind of money. At this point i think its safe to say he isnt going to get any better, hes probably a 50 point guy at best. the difference is z and dats are consistent flip had alot of good years and 1 great year. dats just signed a deal for 7.5 avg is flip worth 5.5 mil with what we've seen for the entirety of his career so far
  4. So Wings fans can't still be mad at Weber for something he did 2 games ago, but Preds fans are getting pissy about Bertuzzi taking a ping pong table away? Johnny Cochran says that just doesn't make sense. Also to add what's the difference between Wings fans playing the we have more cups then you card and fans of other teams playing the if you're a Wings fan you are probably a bandwagoner. Also didn't Rinne (isn't he supposedly better then Howard) get Sniped by Emmerton? If he can do it then the other Wings should have no problem doing it. See I can play that game too Now I know you'll probably comment on my joined date so lets get that out of the way. I'm not a big fan of forums too many idiots and whiners so I was slow to join this site when I learned about it. Does my date coincide with me being a bandwagoner? Nope, I've like the Wings since 92 (I was 7) they were involved in the first game I ever watched on TV and I picked them because I liked the color red. Doesn't make me a bandwagoner? No, that makes me a kid who picked his team based on the color jersey they had. Now that that's out of the way, I've noticed your joined date, why didn't you join the forums the last 2 times the Wings and Preds played in the post season? Now I won't accuse you of being a bandwagoner, partially due to the fact you guys just barely won your first playoff series but I will say I'd wager you joined so you could rile up us Wings fans, because now you feel confident with that first series win and the fact you finished higher in the standings this year. With all that said I think what Bert did was funny.
  5. pockets

    Tomas Tatar

    I'll explain why without going into stats. The fact Tatar is NHL ready is what makes him ranked above Calle, Teemu and others. Nobody knows if those others will even be NHLers yet, just b/c you dominate lower leagues, doesn't mean you are going to call all the way.
  6. pockets

    Wings are soft as hell.

    Sure the wings could use more bangers, it would be nice. BUT I wonder how many of the ppl who support bringing in a player like Avery or Carcillo complain about Bert taking dumb penalties. In the end the wings may and more then likely will need a real banger type but unless its someone who fits with the team (which I dont think includes Avery or Carcillo) or our PK suddenly becomes top 5 worthy they shouldnt just take anyone for the sake of adding toughness, grit, banging or whatever lingo you use to describe a player of that type
  7. pockets

    Will Stuart re-sign?

    If you hate Hudler, youd hate penner. Thats probably why you got negged. I mean seriously penner is probably just as lazy as Hudler and hes is at less of a disadvantage due to his size. And as for Stewie leaving 2 words Ryan Suter. If hes available i dont see holland passing him up if he can get him. lets say lids come back next year and we get suter Lids-White Suter-Kronwall (let them build chemistry now for when we do lose Lids) Ericisson-Smith-Kindl
  8. pockets


    Franzen suffers from laziness. With that said WHEN Franzen WANTS he can open up the ice just fine. And in the end it might not even be laziness but at times it seems that hes just trying to skate thru a game(pun intended) and just relying on our good centers to make things happen for him instead of working himself
  9. pockets

    Fabian Brunnstrom

    If i recall correctly during that stretch jimmy was carrying the team yes but big bert was the only one consistently scoring goals for us during that stretch. With Jan out itll most likely be Fabian and Cory making it for the final two spots. Then when Mursak gets back we may see a trade involving a forward who is considered extra. Ideally by the time Mursak does come back someone like Hudler, Brunno or Emmerton.will have upped their trade value enough to get a decent return.
  10. pockets

    Panthers Acquire Tomas Kopecky's Rights

    I doubt they sign Richards. Sharp is a UFA next offseason and he'll be looking for around 4 mil a year.
  11. pockets

    The 4th Period's Top 30 Free Agents

    I'd be fine with Jovo for the right price and term. Sign him to a 1 year and see how he does, if he plays well bring him back next year. Jovo at 2mil> Big Rig at 2 mil
  12. pockets

    Babcock "pissed off" about Burns-to-SJ

    LOL I'd bet Kenny had talks with Minny about Burns and possibly the flyers as well. If I'm a GM looking to trade those players that the Wings missed out on I'd ask: Burns: Flip (mind you Minny wants more Offensive and Im not a flip hater but Divin Seto provides more O), Tatar, Abby or Helm and a 1st rounder. Carter: 1st and 2nd rounder and Tatar What ppl dont seem to realize we dont have a high first rounder to wave in front of ppl's faces a la Columbus. We also lack a true blue chip prospect like Brayden Schenn, so in order for us to make those trades we'd have to give up a bit more. In all honesty if i was looking to trade carter and the wings said they'd give me their first rounder and flip and then the jackets called and said theyd give me Vorachek and their first rounder (which was the 8th pick BTW). Id take the jackets offer every time
  13. Only when it comes to hudler
  14. Maybe..... but from what I've gathered Habs fans, in general, tend to have incredibly high expectations for any player wearing their jersey.
  15. This is a what have you done for me lately world and Hudler hasnt done anything lately so thats why i think he would be the first to be traded. Also I could see Kenny trading for the rights for Wiz. If we were too trade his rights and then sign him, all of a sudden Big Rig has that much less leverage when it come to his contract.