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  1. Hockey sim game

    I wondered more what it would be like to be a player, not a GM. The GM stuff is for all the college boys.
  2. Members photos

    Here is me. Shaken my milkshake, and playing hockey for the Marines, pretending I know what's going on.
  3. Goalie Issues...

    Oh heck! my bad man. I heard after the game though, when Conklin came to the locker room, Osgood was standing there with a puck in his hand. Conklin said, "tough game", while taking off his goalie mask. Osgood drew back and threw the puck directly at Conklin's face! Conklin replied, "WTF man!" Osgood said, "Holy crap, you actually blocked one!"
  4. Chris Osgood- What do we do?

    Oh but wait. I think Osgood did play. He just put on Conk's helmet, and jersey, duh! The defense was spot on tonight, so was PK. It had to of been Osgood out there. Pfft. surprised you didn't know this.
  5. Goalie Issues...

    Im actually shocked that even though Osgood didn't play, he's not the reason they lost. He has been blamed almost every game they lose. So why not this one? even though he didnt play, maybe he just didnt cheer at Conk enough? I'm actually thinking about making bracelets "WWCD" What Would Conklin Do. This way when the wings are playing hockey they can look at there lil bracelet and always do the right thing. Conklin and Osgood are a good pair. I'm glad they played Conk tonight. Goes to show you Osgood may have been on some what of a cold streak, but since Conk's didnt do so well, maybe half these forums eyes have been opened up to the defense sleeping just a tad. I didnt get to watch much besides highlights, so your right, I dont know exactly what all went on.
  6. Goalie Interference

    Goalies should be fair game, but I believe to an extent. I play goalie, have for 9 years, remember the fact that players couldnt be in the crease at all? What a nightmare for the NHL, and when they tried to adapt that in the league I was in. I have actually used the fact that being a goalie im pretty much untouchable to play the puck, or try to make plays. If there in my crease I like to do the "how ya doin" and put my stick in front of there skates, not tripping them, but when they take of, my stick accidently trips them. Its not playing dirty really, its just what goalies always get away with. Its insane. Watch a game when your there live, and see how much the goalies do. They just about give players whip lash who stand in front of the net. I dunno how Holm does it.
  7. Post Everytime You Look

    Holy crap! "Fairy Costume, Accessory Bashful Pixie Butterfly Wings". Only 8.98! What a deal!
  8. Are you really a wings fan?

    I'm more of a Chris Osgood fan myself. But growing up in Michigan (Pontiac) you can't help but follow and like the Wing's. I miss the old Federov, Osgood/Vernon, Yzerman, Kozlov, ya know those days.
  9. Chris Osgood- What do we do?

    That was the best statement I have heard reguarding this issue. /slap hands And wait when Osgood does it again this year, shines in the play offs of course all the band wagon jumpers.."I knew all along" "Of course he shined in the play-offs" "Wow hes bringing the magic back". Then of course it will be "Chris Osgood- What would we do without him?"
  10. Chris Osgood- What do we do?

    /agree /highfive @ Ms-Hockey Exactly. Osgood has said he thinks about goals sometimes until 5am on nights he loses, and cant sleep. Its a team game, of course mostly 100% is on the goalie, cause hes supposed to stop the puck. As well as what about the guys who are supposed to score the goals? Or the guys that are supposed to back Osgood up?
  11. Chris Osgood- What do we do?

    Osgood is king for one.. heh. Just playing. Well I have also noticed he has been slacking a little bit. We all have seen that. Some goals you see him let in, your like, "hmmmm, rewind; I don't believe I just seen that". While others your like, "dang nobody was stopping that". The thing is that no matter how bad Osgood seems to do during the season, don't he shine in the play offs? I mean I remember the days, of some players shooting center line, cause Osgood was known to fumble with those shots. But just sit back relax, Red Wings have great talent, and will come out of the slump there in. That teams is like an All-star team all in itself.