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  1. SJ 7 men on ice for GW OT goal

    The penalty is a technicality it doesn't matter where they are. If San Jose has posession and is making forward progress with the puck, and there's more than 6 (including goalie) guys on the ice, it's a penalty.
  2. There are 7 games in a series

    I was feeling like s*** and starting to think about next season. Now I realize that's a ****** bag thing to do, 'cause our season isn't over. We have at least 1 game left, let's stop crying and support our f***in' team.
  3. Why DID we play tonight?

  4. It's Official: Happy Hudler is Back

    Lets leave that shinannigans in last off season as water under the bridge, welcome back Huds.
  5. I'm eating Crow for Breakfast

    The internet is for porn.
  6. Ovi's postgame

    I wasn't 100% in my notion that his silence was a reaction to getting beat by the Habs, rather than just getting beat. But I leaned that way naturally because I don't know if I've ever seen anyone act like this after a first round exit, or if I've seen him act like this. The silence made him seem not just upset, but stunned. Stunned by who beat them. Normally in post game interviews after games this important, you see players a little more quick to give their opponent credit (although he did credit Halak), and at least a little more talkative (Doan after getting beat in 7 for example, and he didn't even get to play). All in all, I don't want to think of Ovie as one of the arrogant super stars (Roy), and this interview doesn't come close to proving that he is, it just sparked my curiosity, and perhaps I read a little too much into it. Thanks for your thoughts on the matter. As far as coaching goes, I agree Bruce doesn't belong in the dressing room of any team. Almost anybody can get a team with the Caps skill into the playoffs, but just look at what structure did to the 'Yotes who are maybe half as offensively gifted as the Caps. Add structure to Washington and you got a team I never want to face in the finals. I could see the look on Bruce's face while still on the bench after the game 7 loss. I've never seen a coach show that much emotion with just one exspession.
  7. Ovi's postgame Found it on Youtube from another camera's point of view but it's the same interview.
  8. Wings breaking the rules in SJ

    Pizza doesn't sound bad tomorrow. It's the most food I can get for my money anyway, I think. Although I'll say the quality is hit or miss at the Little Caesars in my town, don't know about elsewhere.
  9. Ovi's postgame|NHL|home His speechless postgame interview screams one thing to me. 'How could the Habs beat us?' With that attitude, the question answers itself. I don't have anything else to say, I'm just curious if anyone else noticed it, and if they agree or disagree about the message being sent unintentionally by Ovi.
  10. Why do other NHL teams' fans hate the Wings?

    Sounds like typical Red Wing hate; a ton of jealousy. You even specify the city of Detroit, not just the organization of the Wings and their fans. No one would hate an entire city if there's no bitterness and a green eyed monster (psst, that's envy).
  11. Why do other NHL teams' fans hate the Wings?

    This response sounds bitter.
  12. Why do other NHL teams' fans hate the Wings?

    People get bitter over success.
  13. So how come we can't play like this all the time?

    I think it's some of what you said, but mostly I think it's mental. I don't think I know any more than you, but my opinion is that when the Wings play like they did yesterday, they prepared and they executed and were probably just excited to be in a game 7. I'm sure anyone knows that when you're mentally drained it's almost worse than being physically drained, and the Wings were full of mental energy last night that allowed them to execute the play at lightning fast speed and precision.
  14. Bring on the Sharks --- Again!

    I enjoyed that as well. Contrast to that is Fiddler's post game, who broke it down to a few bounces not going their way. I just wasn't sure what game he played in, 'cause it clearly wasn't the one I watched. All 3 of the Wings wins in this series before game 7, I could say, the 'Yotes played well enough to give themselves a chance to win, but this game 7 is something else. There's NO WAY with just how well the Wings played and how well the 'Yotes didn't play, that they had any chance to win. When you're goaltender is standing on his head, and is your best player in the game, and you still lose 6 to 1, you're doing something wrong, and the other team is doing something right. Full respect to the 'Yotes and their season, but it just bugged me a little to hear Fiddler underscore what the Wings accomplished in this game 7. But I'm not too irrated by it, it's still one of the best games I've ever seen and I'm still excited about it.
  15. Bring on the Sharks --- Again!

    The lines are good as they are I think. The Hank, Flip and Bert line is firing on all cillinders, but even with Hank there it's not first line material. So unless Babs breaks up this killer 2nd line, the matchup will have to be Pav > Thornton, which is fine, Pav is the 2 time Selke winner afterall. It works out anyway, Hank matching up against a similiarly hot second line is something to be optimistic about, with his shutdown and offensive ability. 3rd and 4th lines just need to keep doin' what they're doin', they're beautiful.