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  1. 55fan


    Pre-season is here! Let the people rejoice!
  2. 55fan

    Official Detroit Lions thread

    I was pleased with the first snap of the season- by the other team. It may be a long season....
  3. 55fan

    Not An Underground Meme-Ban Resistance Thread. Mods Do Not Click.

    Oh, lack-a-day. I've been gone for months and now finally reinstated, there are shenanigans afoot and I, being aged, do not know how to meme. I shall instead leave a picture for you as a show of support.
  4. 55fan


  5. 55fan

    This or That

    I'll take AA. Cap space can be cleared if necessary, even if it means waiving someone. Pizza Hut or Papa John's?
  6. 55fan

    The person below me game...

    I am self-taught, so it may not be "swimming" but I can get from point A to point B in water. The person below me is pleased that AA is signed.
  7. 55fan

    Disney Buys Star Wars, 3 New Films Coming

    One "I am your father" moment may occur...
  8. 55fan

    The person below me game...

    I never even got to the Joe. The person below me is satisfied with the new rule regarding challenging an offsides.
  9. 55fan

    This or That

    Depends on the situation, but if you're just talking about eating them plain as a snack, I'll go with mozzarella "string cheese". Spring or fall?
  10. 55fan

    Official Detroit Lions thread

    Dear Lions, Thank you for beating the Vikings. My Vikings-fan friend and I had a pride bet. Had the Lions lost, I would have had to say, "May the Force be with you" to every customer the next shift I work. Sincerely, Lions fan in Vikings territory
  11. 55fan

    Met a Couple Red Wings Family Members

    I'll be your wingman, er, woman. I'll distract Kocur. I only ask that you buy drinks.
  12. 55fan

    Vegas Off Ice Trouble Watch

    I'm sure our fine, upstanding boys will have no desire to do anything that would sully the reputation of our great game or of the league, or cause any embarrassment to their parents or spouses or bring shame upon their family names. Except maybe a few.... dozen. If this was a few years back, I'd go with Kane, but he seems to have settled down. Probably be some young kid.
  13. 55fan

    Official Detroit Lions thread

    So the Lions led the opponent through the whole game and didn't choke at the end. Is this possible? Do other teams do this? Perhaps it is a strategy we should employ along with our usual waiting until the last minute to mount an impossible comeback.
  14. 55fan

    Athanasiou Signed 1 year $1.4 mil

    I just went and checked to see who is left unsigned for teams and there are a lot of players that are marginal and/or young that are going overseas. I wonder if some are not taking a year to play in a league where they will let them off for the Olympics. You know the teams will be watered down without NHL players. A guy like AA might have the chance. Obviously if a player has an NHL contract or can get a good one, he'll stay, but if the choice is between mediocre money here and good money there plus a chance to play in the Olympics, how many players might not take a year away from the NHL for that experience? Not saying this is AA specifically, just throwing it out there.
  15. 55fan

    This or That

    In general, I like the links, but there are some good patties and bad links out there. Sausage is, kind of by definition, different every time. Mittens or gloves?