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  1. 55fan

    NHL Diversity

    The difference in many of the comparisons is a percentage point or two. In a survey of 400k people, that is not a lot of people. That said, even though there are differences, why do we assume that it needs fixing? This is not a question of whether or not people are allowed to like or choose something, but what it is that they choose. We tend to like and follow teams and sports that our family like or that our friends are into. If a person is from a city or region that hosts a team, (or if a parent is from said place) the likelihood that a person will follow a specific team is higher. Obviously, this is not always true. My dad (from Detroit) loved every team from Detroit. My mom (from southern Illinois) liked Cardinals baseball. I have no love for baseball or basketball, but love Wings and Lions. In her later life, after marriage, Mom became a big Wings fan. She still hates football, even though Dad coached it. When this fanhood travels through families and communities, it shapes a person's team preferences, which may shape sports preferences in general. When I was growing up, every kid had a pair of skates and the boys had hockey sticks and pucks. That was all we needed to play hockey. We hit balls around with the sticks in the summer. We also played with basketballs and baseballs and footballs. This was fun until they figured out that the reason that I did not own any of these things because I was a girl. That sucked. This was in Saskatchewan. We had a rink and ice aplenty, even in a very small town. It was part of the culture. Moving south to the US, there was still ice, but not the hockey culture. Had I moved slightly east, I'd have been in Minnesota, aka "the State of Hockey". It's about your family, your community, and your geographical location. Race may be (and likely is) a factor in at least one of these, but this does not inherently mean that it needs fixing. It just means that different families, communities, and cultures like different things. While we want to open the world of hockey to all people, it doesn't mean that we have to "fix" it. We just have to market it to people who may not have been exposed to it. We also have to accept that there are people (meaning individuals, not groups) who just have no interest in hockey, or sports in general. As long as no one is being excluded, it is a matter of personal opinion.
  2. 55fan

    Official Detroit Lions thread

    There is hope. The Lions led the Bears 23-6 after 3 quarters. The Bears scored 3 touchdowns, and the Lions dropped the tying TD ball in the end zone. The Lions lost. Slowly but surely, 2020 is returning to normal.
  3. 55fan

    2020 Playoffs LOL

    I'm pulling for Vancouver, but I won't be too sad if Vegas wins. Honestly, I think either team could pull it off. And.... here we go!
  4. 55fan

    2020 Playoffs LOL

    Toaster strudel- either too hot or too cold. Hard to get the perfect temp. Poptarts- can be eaten hot or just thrown in you bag and eaten whenever. Toaster strudel= first round draft pick. Everyone has such great hopes, but you never know if they'll be realized. Poptarts= Selke winners. May not be flashy or anyone's first pick, but they come through for you no matter what the circumstances.
  5. 55fan

    2020 Playoffs LOL

  6. 55fan

    NHL Diversity

    Just a note- The NHL (or the players) did not cancel games. They just postponed them. Each series is still a best-of-seven. They just didn't play for a couple of days and then resumed. Honestly, no one is out anything, except for the players spending two more days away from their families.
  7. 55fan

    NHL Diversity

    I wasn't referring to Dumba specifically. I'd actually shared the thoughts you'd quoted on another forum before Dumba did it. It was regarding why hockey players in general haven't been kneeling when other leagues have been. I'd had to explain to non-hockey fans why we haven't. Dumba kneeling for the US anthem and not the Canadian did not sit well with me. However the Wild are my second team (after the Wings, natch) and I have been a fan of Dumba for his on-ice abilities. Off the ice, he has been vocal about minority rights, but has been equally vocal against violence and destruction as a means of protest. He has personally donated money and has raised money to rebuild and help those who have been victimized by the riots in Minneapolis. I see his actions of kneeling for one anthem and not the other as a very poor choice on his part, which probably wasn't thought out. The next game, he did not kneel, but had his fist raised (although it was hard to tell in a hockey glove) for both anthems. Honestly, the whole thing has become worrisome. Some "they" out there (because there's always a "they" who say things) says that if you don't act a certain way, you disagree or are the enemy. If you don't kneel for the anthem, you are automatically a racist. This puts some people in a bind. There was a football player who was also a veteran who would not kneel. He became a hero to some and a goat for others. By not kneeling, he was doing his sworn duty as a military man, but he was also against racism. Because "they" said he had to kneel, they put him in a bad position. I understand this. I have relatives who serve in the Armed Forces. I have relatives who are black. I have one who is black and serves. How do I honour her? By standing or kneeling? I have always stood (at games). At home, I put my hand on my heart and sing along. I do this for both anthems because I lived in Canada for a while as a child and consider it a second home. I honour my country because it is mine and Canada as one would stand to honour a best friend who was being honoured. None of this has anything to do with my hatred of racism against all minorities, and quite frankly, I feel that "they" have overstepped their bounds by telling me how I must act to reflect my feelings. Sorry. This turned into a rant. I'll shut up now.
  8. 55fan

    NHL Diversity

    So.... not racial diversity, but other kinds..... Mike Milbury made a comment about how there are no women to distract the players in the bubble. Women got offended. I understood from context that he meant puck bunnies and/or WAGs, but they took it as all women- including reporters and trainers, etc. Milbury "stepped aside" for the rest of the playoffs. Days later, in the studio, Anson Carter was taking about racial diversity and causing offense. He compared it to when he had referred to the "ladies' tee". Kathryn Tappen had taken offense and he apologized to her and never used the term again. His point was that he had never heard that the term was offensive to women, but if she was offended by it, that was enough reason for him to not use it. Now tonight, Pierre McGuire referred to left-handed goalies as "silly siders". AJ Mleczko replied that she had two left-handed children. McGuire told her that he had been told by a scout that that is what they were called. So, does left-handedness fall under the whole "diversity" umbrella? Should Pierre be apologizing or whatever? As a left-handed person, I laughed, but then again, I also laughed at Milbury's comment and was confused by Carter's, so maybe I'm not the one to gauge whether or not something is offensive. What do y'all think? How far does "diversity" and "everyone" and all that go?
  9. 55fan

    NHL Diversity

    Racism is real. Racism is stupid. On the other hand, if we look at how many players in the league are from Canada (almost half) and Europe (over a quarter) it seems out of place for the players to do things the way that the other leagues have been doing. Kneeling for anthems comes to mind. It's one thing to disrespect one's own flag and military. It's quite another to disrespect one's host country's flag and military if one is a visitor. Taking a couple of days off for reflection on the state of racism in the world and its implications on the lives of people everywhere is a reasonable action for a league with a lot of national, if not racial, diversity. I am glad to see any group of people acknowledge the need to improve racial relations without doing anything which is violent, destructive, or insulting to another group of people who likely despise racism as much as they do. Now if only we could convince racist people that their actions are stupid. Unfortunately, stupid is not fixable. All we can do is prevent it from spreading, and for that, we all need to speak up.
  10. 55fan

    Pride and Player Sexuality

    Avery was one of the first to be an activist for marriage equality because he has a lot of *** friends living in NY and being in the fashion industry, and was outspoken about it (because he's Avery). He and his wife just had a kid.
  11. 55fan

    Pride and Player Sexuality

    Married, two sons. I saw an interview. I didn't peek in his window or anything. Promise. Even in the years where he was single, he dated. The rumours were because he didn't seem to have really long-term relationships. I guess he found the right one. There was also a short-term rumour that Homer's wife and kids were a cover, but IIRC that was a rumour spread by someone on a puck bunny site. Never caught steam, which is good. I feel sorry for kids who google their famous parents and get hit with something like that, especially if the parent didn't even know about it and warn them.
  12. 55fan

    Ladies equivalent to playoff beard

    I got accidentally locked out of the site, but Matt fixed it. Then life was very busy. Now I do nothing, but I still lurk.
  13. 55fan

    Ladies equivalent to playoff beard

    Was I gone? Or are you welcoming back the playoffs? Or the site in general, which has been down forever?
  14. 55fan

    Ladies equivalent to playoff beard

    I still have my red and white thread. I also put beads on my threads with the initials of each scoring player. My beads and thread are as dusty as this thread. Looking at the recent posts, that's not the only thing that isn't getting used regularly. I miss being in the playoffs.
  15. 55fan

    Larkin's Stick Slamming

    It bugs me because I'm a cheap old bat, and sticks cost money, but maybe it's better that he blow off some steam than go out half-cocked and make mistakes because he's not focused due to the anger or try to fight someone and get hurt. Ideally he'll learn to channel that anger and focus it into hard play.