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  1. 55fan

    Merry Christmas!!!!!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
  2. 55fan

    Official Detroit Lions thread

    Lions trade Golden Tate to Philly. WTF.
  3. 55fan

    Do people have opinions here? I want opinions

    I'd do Vladdy with Lids. Like it was meant to be.
  4. 55fan


    If Zadina gets too arrogant for his own good, can we call him Za Diva?
  5. 55fan

    Flyers new mascot will haunt your nightmares

    They just said on TSN that Gritty looks like Youppi after watching too much Breaking Bad.
  6. 55fan

    Flyers new mascot will haunt your nightmares

    My first exposure to Gritty was a picture on my Facebook feed captioned "Meth on Ice".
  7. 55fan


    Pre-season is here! Let the people rejoice!
  8. 55fan

    Official Detroit Lions thread

    I was pleased with the first snap of the season- by the other team. It may be a long season....
  9. 55fan

    Not An Underground Meme-Ban Resistance Thread. Mods Do Not Click.

    Oh, lack-a-day. I've been gone for months and now finally reinstated, there are shenanigans afoot and I, being aged, do not know how to meme. I shall instead leave a picture for you as a show of support.
  10. 55fan


  11. 55fan

    This or That

    I'll take AA. Cap space can be cleared if necessary, even if it means waiving someone. Pizza Hut or Papa John's?
  12. 55fan

    The person below me game...

    I am self-taught, so it may not be "swimming" but I can get from point A to point B in water. The person below me is pleased that AA is signed.
  13. 55fan

    Disney Buys Star Wars, 3 New Films Coming

    One "I am your father" moment may occur...
  14. 55fan

    The person below me game...

    I never even got to the Joe. The person below me is satisfied with the new rule regarding challenging an offsides.
  15. 55fan

    This or That

    Depends on the situation, but if you're just talking about eating them plain as a snack, I'll go with mozzarella "string cheese". Spring or fall?