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  1. Thoughts on Downey

    Hi guys I dont have the opportunity to watch Downey very often, so i d like to know what do you think about him. Is he a good enforcer or just an average one ? I was looking for a trade for a guy who brings energy and thoughness and Ken didn't made it so, is Downey the answer for this kind of special skills ? Thanks
  2. and how about bringing a guy who is hunger to win his first Stanley Cup and can add this kind of motivation to the whole team. We only have Hossa, Leino and Conklin without a ring and I wonder if the others players aren't a little bit less hunger than last year ... I think this could be a factor in the playoff... and you guys what do you think about it ?
  3. Leino's Potential

    Hi everybody, happy to join ! I heared K. Holland talking about Filp some time ago and i really dont believe he's gonna trade him. He mentionned how the staff of Wings are trying to learn to Filp how to be a great all-around player like dats and Zetterberg. Holland gived me the feeling that he will keep Filp for a long time in the team. And by the way Leino impressed me ! (sorry for my english... )