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  1. DuckSoup13

  2. Do you want Rafalski back?

    Jake Ryan - I've read two of your worthless topics this morning - one saying you're sorry for being a hater and the other saying raffi sucks and I think you are a tool and should stop posting lame topics. Thanks
  3. Datsyuk a Hart Finalist

    seeing the guy is a finalist for the Selke (and will probably win for the 2nd year in a row) and he finished top 10 in the league in scoring, and he helped his team to a better record than Ovie or Malkin did, it should be a NO BRAINER that this guy is the best overall player in the game and deserves the Hart. Unfortunately I think he has two things working against him - 1. the fans and media obsession with Ovie and Malkin and 2. the fact he's a Red Wing. Sure we get our fair share of awards but the Hart is set aside for guys like Ovie and Crosby (and Malkin) lame..
  4. Red Wings Round 1 only on TSN?

    Everybody simma down now. Here's how it will almost certainly work: If you have Center Ice, you will get the feed via either TSN or FSD for sure, no matter who the provider. If you live in or around Detroit, FSD will black out VS coverage. If you live outside Detroit, VS will blackout your FSD/Center Ice coverage.
  5. Bill Clement at it again

    Saying the Wings "may come out flat and lose" is not allowed. Put your blinders back on now son! We will sweep every game in every series and will repeat with ease!
  6. Bill Clement at it again

    Clement, Clement, hands of cement
  7. It was something to the effect of: "That was cheaper than a hook on 4th street" LOL I love it
  8. Caps/Flyers would-be tying goal question

    Why is there always a thread about the Caps after each of their games on our boards? I mean dont get me wrong, I spent 20 years in DC and I like them and all but I dont come here to talk about the Caps.. Anyone else noticed this trend or is it just me?
  9. Get out the smelling salts...

    Houston we have a problem. Our D and our goaltending is truly near the bottom (stats dont like 68 games into the season) I'm really worried about our team being able to get back to the cup this year. The mindset that we'll "come around" once the playoffs start is just weak. We've got serious issues to fix and less time to do so. Last nights loss was more disgusting than the 8 goal losses recently in my opinion. Calgary was playing so dirty early on we should've had the desire from that alone to beat them and beat them good.. not to mention the fact they're the next team behind us in the standings. Two tough road games this weekend.. we better get our $hit in gear!
  10. Caps/Pens

    Tyler Kennedy looks like a FUGLY version of Sid Crosby
  11. Time to line up for your crow.

    another SOLID game for Tomas. Maybe he's been reading the message boards?? I hope he keeps this up and Fil keeps going too. Does have those guys ready to go in the playoffs would be huge
  12. Whats with all the back to back games?

    Dont forget we are an eastern time zone team playing in the West. We probably travel more miles than most
  13. Bill Clement at it again

    Clement, Clement, hands of cement We'll just use that as fuel to the fire come playoff time. He's prob on SJ's nuts
  14. Whats with all the back to back games?

    I'm not sure if we play more or less back to backs than other teams but here's how we've fared on our 2nd game in back to backs: at CHI W at SJ L at FLA W at BOS L at PHO W at COL OTL at LA W at PIT W at COL L at MIN L at NSH L overall: 4-5-1
  15. If we can finally beat Colorado

    I have a bad feeling about tonights game. Playing twice in 24 hours, a couple time zones away, sans Hossa (I know we didnt have him last night and crushed but still..), and we have not matched up well against COL all season. Oh well I hope the boys prove me wrong!