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  1. Russian505

    Best Wings Blogs

    . That's fine, I can somewhat understand your point. But you want somebody to die because of the way they blog. That alone tells me everything I want to know about you. And enough with the "sport" and "champ" condescending nonsense. I'm likely old enough to be your grandfather. (assuming that you -- somebody who wishes death to a blogger who they can simply avoid by not clicking a link -- are not an adult.)
  2. Russian505

    Best Wings Blogs

    Man, sure got me there, Lilja -- by openly not specifying something. Boy do I feel sheepish. Here, I'll jog your memory: remember the time you told him to go die in a car crash? No? Clearly you have some deeper, unresolved issue here. Others threatening physical violence upon you = bad. You hoping for the death of somebody because of a blog = OK.
  3. Russian505

    Best Wings Blogs

    You sure are on that site a lot for claiming to "not follow it". And I find it funny that you think it's stupid and idiotic, and then you say that "not liking it makes you a terrorist." Please specify one time where that was even close to being insinuated. Honestly. Your comment alone is dumber than anything he has ever typed.
  4. Russian505

    hilarious impression of Preds fans

    i had seen this site linked by Chief at A2Y and it doesn't disappoint: Funny stuff