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    Supporting hockey in the way that represents the pinnacle years of what the sport was built on. If the sport survives the Gary Bettman era, then it'll be based on old school hockey fans.

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  1. Thoughts on Downey

    Have a great weekend, Opie!
  2. Thoughts on Downey

    This is a moot point anyhow... In typical Kenny Holland fashion, tomorrow night will be Downey's last game up with the Wings. When Homstrom comes back Tuesday, him and Erricson will be sent back down to AAA. I would venture to guest tomorrow night could be Downey's last NHL game prior to retirement at season's end. So, enjoy it and the anti-tough crowd can cheer in glee.
  3. Thoughts on Downey

    Before I leave work for the day, I just want to ask permission of Opie: May I watch the game tomorrow and enjoy checking and fighting or should I change the channel? I want to make sure what is allowed is respected by you.
  4. Thoughts on Downey

    Give me one reason why Downey shouldn't be in over Maltby anyday? Downey has 1 point, but the key is his 0 +/-. Maltby has played 58 games more than Downey, has 11 points, and a -6 +/-! Now c'mon...
  5. Colleen Howe passes away

    RIP Mrs. Howe... Sorry to hear that Gordie.
  6. Thoughts on Downey

    Why such big letters? Well, I have a rebuttal to that... Neither do goalies! Know why? Not their job! See how silly of an argument that sounds.
  7. Thoughts on Downey

    Give me that over washed up Maltby anyday.
  8. Thoughts on Downey

    Opie? Isn't it okay for us to enjoy having an enforcer on the team? I know your profile states that you don't live in Detroit, but for those that do- let them buy tickets and enjoy a nice hockey game with Downey in the line up. Don't worry, the Wings will become Euronized in about a 2 months once the playoffs are underway.
  9. Thoughts on Downey

    lol... I like that we're all Wings fans and most of us with a good sense of humor. I'm glad 99% of us don't let this board get to us.
  10. Thoughts on Downey

    What are you talking about?
  11. Thoughts on Downey

    EXCELLENT POINT. I love when Opie writes dissertations on a subject, he ends up disproving his point about 3-4x per paragraph.
  12. Thoughts on Downey

    That's a silly argument. Sports in general are purely entertainment for fans, nothing more, nothing less. They're great fun and a business for the owners, but for fans it is purely entertainment. So in that case, lets also widen the nets 4 feet and change the game for more goals... it's entertaining right? I don't know about you, but every sporting game I've EVER been to has been for entertainment purposes. If the majority, by a landslide, of hockey fans love having Downey in and he's voted consistently as Player of the Game by fans, isn't that all you can ask for? His +- is respectable for an enforcer.
  13. Thoughts on Downey

    You stated it best and just countered your own debate. Lilja was TRYING to be an enforcer and clearly that is not and SHOULD not be his role. Also, Shaman, sure Downey is human and could get concussions... but if he was out a few games he's a 5 minute a game player, not our key penalty killing defenseman. Also, fyi, I just went through the yearly stats of Downey's fighting history- he's never missed games due to a concussion post fight. Boxing skills DO tend to help in fighting.
  14. Thoughts on Downey

    Oh absolutely right too... Laraque was there for his scoring last year, not to protect Sid the Kid... same with Godard. They'll never get it here, might as well save our breath.
  15. Thoughts on Downey

    That's not his point at all, horrible way to twist his words. It's all about retribution too and the possibility of fights when games get out of hand as well. Lilja vs. Weber= Lilja out for 5-10 games due to concussion Downey vs. Weber= would've been a hell of a fight with Lilja still in line up. Simple cause and effect.