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  1. Vancouver Sweeps St. Louis

    Vancouver scares me because they've got true scoring talent, some depth and, of course, Luongo. However, the Red Wings are still the Red Wings and will be the favorites against Anaheim or Vancouver in the 2nd round, especially in a 7 game series. I'd kind of rather play Anaheim though, I think their success and good play is mostly a reflection of how awful SJ played the first two games and when they meet Detroit, they'll find that out for themselves. Also, if we play Anaheim, that'll mean SJ is out, which would be good.
  2. Wings Will Lose Why?

    The only thing I heard from CLB fans was that their team was just so tough that the Wings would be overwhelmed by toughness and lose the series. Of course, none of this had any basis in reality nor was it backed up by any actual analysis; I wrote it off as wishful/hopeful thinking. Anyone hear anything more substantial than that from a Blue Jackets fan? To be fair, I did hear a lot more from them, mostly non-specific bashing of all things Michigan, but not much related to hockey beyond the "we're very tough" argument.
  3. Ducks or Sharks?

    Would you rather see the Ducks or Sharks win their series? Or, would you rather Detroit play Anaheim in Round 2 or San Jose in the Conference Finals? The likely scenarios are: Ducks ---> Vanouver/Chicago Vancouver ---> Sharks (maybe Chicago)